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k6 Prometheus (remote write)

k6 Prometheus (remote write)

Send k6 performance metrics to New Relic through the New Relic StatsD integration.

What's included?

k6 Prometheus (remote write) quickstart contains 1 dashboard. These interactive visualizations let you easily explore your data, understand context, and resolve problems faster.
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Quickstart for k6 Load Test Monitoring

k6 can send performance metrics to New Relic through the New Relic StatsD integration. By integrating New Relic and k6, you can visualize and correlate test result data, alert on performance data, and share advanced load testing results and their KPI's with your teams. View alongside all of your other telemetry data in New Relic for added insights. Installation is as simple as running the New Relic StatsD integration and including New Relic StatsD as an output in your k6 load testing script.

This quickstart includes dashboards for the following k6 charts:

  • Number of virtual users
  • Max, median, and average Request Durations
  • Rate of requests (per second)
  • Histogram bucketing requests
  • Data sent and data received
  • Rate of change in the number of requests
  • Blocked requests
  • Response timings (90th percentile)
  • List of all available k6 metrics

How to use this quickstart

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  • Click the install button.
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