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A group of Relics gathered in an office to celebrate Women's History Month

All around the world, the month of March serves as an opportunity to recognize the countless contributions of people who identify as women throughout history and the ongoing efforts for women’s equality. Activist and labor organizer, Dolores Huerta, creatively called all women to action stating, “We as women should shine light on our accomplishments and not feel egotistical when we do. It’s a way to let the world know that we, as women, accomplish great things!”  

What is equity? 

Equity is not just something we say. It’s something we need to think about, understand, embrace, and actively promote. We all have a part to play.”

Despite years of working for equality, women are still disproportionately limited in access to opportunities for career development and leadership. At New Relic, equity is going beyond supporting equal efforts for all. We're concentrating on the resources and actions needed to yield equal outcomes in the workplace and career journeys. 

Not every person has the same pathway to success. Equity, in practice, means we acknowledge women will have different needs to reach equality. 

How do we embrace equity? 

In line with the International Women’s Day theme, #EmbraceEquity, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team and Women at New Relic employee resource group (ERG) shared numerous resources and hosted more than 30 global events designed to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. From fireside chats that featured the perspective of our women leaders, to Poker Power, an event that used poker to teach skills for women to succeed in all areas of work. 

We were especially excited to host more than 50 Relics from the Women at New Relic ERG to the Women Impact Tech Accelerate Conference in San Francisco. This conference brought together hundreds of women to connect with leaders and mentors, make a bigger impact, and advance equity in tech. During the conference our Chief Operating Officer, Kristy Friedrichs, sat on a panel about leading teams through organizational change—one of many moments attendees were able to hear from women tech leaders. This type of representation helps foster connection, mentorship, and belonging. We’re proud that New Relic could show up in such an amazing way. 

We also hosted a LinkedIn Live conversation with Jermaine “The Jobfather” Murray about equity for Black women at New Relic and in the tech industry. Tracy Willams, Chief People and Diversity Officer, along with Joi Converse, Lead Community Manager, and Essence Walden, Associate Technical Recruiter, shared their experiences. 

Equity is a year-round focus

At New Relic, equity isn’t promoted just in March. We encourage all Relics to participate in Ally Skills training each year to learn about privileges they may enjoy and how to advocate for those who do not. We encourage everyone at New Relic to find ways to strengthen ally skills. Through self-education and experiential learning we can ensure equity becomes a reality for all.