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We’re gathering with engineers and developers from around the world live and in-person at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for the ultimate software engineering conference—FutureStack22. This New Relic conference is back May 17-19 and promises to be the observability event of the year.

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What is FutureStack?

FutureStack is a user conference for engineers, by engineers. It’s where creators come together to see how data-driven observability can open up not just information, but inspiration. To sort fact from opinion. To get into their flow. To start building something amazing, and then say, “What’s next?” 

Relics, developers, and industry visionaries will present on topics like containerization, cloud migration, machine learning, serverless apps, and more. Advance your observability game with stellar keynotes, hands-on labs, technical deep-dives, and enjoy live entertainment. 

Top five reasons to attend FutureStack

  1. Learn in hands-on labs and courses to elevate your observability game.
  2. Get deep into what your peers are doing in a way that’s only possible through interactive in-person sessions.
  3. Plug into exclusive technical breakout sessions not available online and take your know-how to the Nth.
  4. Be the first to see new innovations New Relic is bringing to market.
  5. Tap into the expertise of New Relic engineers who build the experiences you use every day.

Three observability-rich session tracks

Wherever you are on your observability journey, FutureStack has the training you need to get insight from your data and take action. You can choose your own adventure and attend sessions from any of our three recommended session tracks: 

  • Operate: Unleash observability in production. In this track, fellow engineers will share how to use telemetry data and full-stack monitoring to debug, measure, and improve your entire stack. It’s a great way to jump-start your observability know-how, with technical deep dives, how-to tutorials, and more. 
  • Shift Left: Bring observability into pre-production. Industry professionals will share how they’re solving problems using more advanced tools like machine learning and cover the full lifecycle of observability. You’ll learn things like how AIOps and MLOps are changing the ways that teams work and respond to incidents and how to integrate New Relic Codestream into your workflow to improve collaboration. 
  • Expand: Scale observability value across teams. Learn how successful organizations use observability as an enterprise-wide strategic initiative that gives them a leg up to drive key business outcomes. 

Hack for prizes in FutureHack

FutureHack, the popular 24-hour hackathon returns this year with fun prizes and awards for the top projects. Relics will be on-hand to help you. 

Keep an eye out for our coming blog post with more information directly from our Developer Relations team.