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New Relic Named an APM Leader by GigaOm

New Relic is closest to the center of the 2023 GigaOm Radar for APM, representing the highest overall value to customers and its leadership in innovation

SAN FRANCISCO - 20 de Octubre de 2023

New Relic (NYSE: NEWR), the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, announced it has been named a Leader in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for APM. The report positions New Relic closest to the center of all four axes (Innovation, Maturity, Feature Play, and Platform Play), outperforming direct competitors in the observability space, and as the only vendor with outstanding focus and execution across all Key Criteria and Evaluation Metrics. This position represents the highest overall value to customers seeking APM capabilities today and over the next 12-18 months. This recognition reflects the company’s commitment to delivering on the business value of observability, driving continuous innovation, and meeting the needs of IT ops and DevOps professionals responsible for the performance of today’s increasingly complex application environments.


“We are devoted to giving engineers complete visibility across the entire software stack and software lifecycle,” said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. “With the New Relic all-in-one observability platform, engineers are armed with data they need to make the right decisions faster. GigaOm’s recognition of our leading position in the industry reflects our accelerated innovation and commitment to delivering greater value to our customers.”


As IT grows in complexity and creates more challenges for organizations, New Relic has accelerated its platform innovation to deliver higher-performing software to meet their needs. Its platform-first approach to observability with 30+ connected capabilities provides an edge to understanding the critical interdependencies across the tech stack without switching screens or burdening users with correlating data across disparate tools. Most notably, New Relic recognizes the transformative role of generative AI in the observability industry and was the first observability provider to enable customers to monitor their OpenAI GPT application usage, and launched New Relic Grok, the first generative AI assistant for observability. With these tools, New Relic is democratizing access to observability and further differentiating from competitive observability platforms by allowing engineers to use robust AI capabilities that can eliminate the need to manually sift through data to monitor application and infrastructure performance.  Other recent innovations include APM 360, a connected APM and infrastructure experience, vulnerability management, and IAST

"The APM module stands out with distributed tracing of application interactions, examination of log data within the context of the application under inspection, interactive service maps that are easily navigated both down and up the stack, full stack error tracking that allows examination down to the code level, change tracking, and the management of service levels"


"New Relic presents a strong APM solution embedded within a platform of other tools. Full stack analysis to the code level will be appealing to developers, while other features of the platform may be useful to IT operations in general,” wrote GigaOm Principal Analyst Ron Williams.


New Relic receives the highest ranking for the following areas:


  • Cost and value: Consumption-based pricing allows predictability of costs and control over data storage without displacing existing tools. 
  • Ease of use and manageability: The New Relic UI is continuously improving and consistent across modules, and the New Relic Database (NRDB) houses logs, metrics, traces, events, and structured and unstructured data through its single data repository.
  • Scalability: New Relic scales with enterprises, integrates with all hyperscalers, allows toggling between different clouds or services, and allows users to view performance metrics in a single dashboard.
  • AI/ML: Machine Learning (ML) algorithms allow advanced prediction of potential issues and failures, and AutoML enables a clear view of data and recommendations for noise reduction.
  • OpenTelemetry: Allows engineers total control of their telemetry data with open standards support for OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and Fluent through our New Relic Distribution of OpenTelemetry initiative.
  • Data analytics and reporting: New Relic Telemetry Data Platform (TDP) unifies data in one place, removes data silos, and enables visibility and insights across the stack.


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Acerca de New Relic

Como el líder en observabilidad, New Relic habilita a los ingenieros con un enfoque basado en datos para planificar, construir, implementar y ejecutar un excelente software. New Relic ofrece la única plataforma de datos unificada que permite a los ingenieros obtener toda la telemetría (métricas, eventos, logs y trazas) junto con potentes herramientas de análisis de full stack para ayudar a los ingenieros a hacer su mejor trabajo con datos, no con opiniones. Entregado a través del primer precio basado en el uso de consumo de la industria que es intuitivo y predecible, New Relic brinda a los ingenieros más valor por el dinero al ayudar a mejorar los tiempos del ciclo de planificación, cambiar las tasas de falla, la frecuencia de lanzamiento y el tiempo medio de resolución. Esto ayuda a las principales marcas del mundo, incluidas la Cruz Roja Americana, Australia Post, Banco Inter, Chegg, Gojek, Signify Health, TopGolf, World Fuel Services (WFS) y Zalora, a mejorar el tiempo de actividad, la confiabilidad y la eficiencia operacional para brindar experiencias excepcionales a los clientes que alimentan la innovación y crecimiento.​ ​www.newrelic.com.

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