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Percona Bundles New Relic to Provide Gold and Platinum Support Customers with Comprehensive Application Visibility.


San Francisco - 10 avril 2012

New Relic, Inc., the SaaS-based cloud application performance management provider, today announced that Percona, the company that makes MySQL faster and more reliable, will include a subscription to New Relic’s application monitoring tool with its Gold and Platinum Support contracts in order to provide customers with 24x7 app performance data, deep insight into how the application is using MySQL, proactive notifications, and code-level visibility. As a self-service tool, New Relic will enable users to solve many MySQL issues without contacting Percona, leading to faster issue resolution for users. New Relic also provides the Percona support team with valuable information when customers do contact them for assistance. Percona will include a New Relic Professional subscription for up to three hosts in their Gold and Platinum Support contracts.

Serving more than 1,400 customers in over 50 countries, Percona is the oldest and largest independent MySQL support and consulting company with a global 24x7 MySQL service and support team. Percona provides enterprise-grade MySQL support, consulting, training, and development services and helps their clients achieve breakthrough results with MySQL. Percona customers will be able to use New Relic's SaaS-based web application performance management tool to monitor, triage, and optimize their applications, increasing system uptime and user productivity by proactively identifying and eliminating application performance bottlenecks. New Relic also provides information related to application instrumentation which will help the Percona support team determine if performance problems are caused by MySQL or other issues.

"We've always preached the value of application-level visibility into the database, and we've suggested New Relic to our customers for years. Our customers who use New Relic are able to identify and resolve more MySQL problems internally and we're able to help them more effectively when they do involve us," said Baron Schwartz, Chief Performance Architect at Percona. "Every MySQL-based application can benefit from visibility into its database interactions. That's why we are bundling New Relic subscriptions with our MySQL Gold and Platinum Support offerings. We believe that our customers who take advantage of New Relic's services can achieve better performance more quickly and at a lower cost."

"Understanding how an application makes use of MySQL is critical to ensuring the highest performance applications. Combining Percona's expertise with the insight into MySQL transactions provided by New Relic is an unbeatable combination for those powering their apps with MySQL," said Bill Lapcevic, Vice President of Business Development at New Relic. "Percona and New Relic share a commitment to providing products and services that make it fast and easy for organizations and developers to build superior and reliable applications and we are thrilled to work with them."

New Relic Professional is available for all new and renewing customers with Percona Gold and Platinum Support contracts. To learn more, or start using New Relic today, contact your Percona support representative.

Percona is also the organizer of the popular Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo taking place at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara and Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif., April 10-12, 2012. This event draws attendees and acclaimed speakers from around the world. This year, New Relic's own Jim Gochee, Senior Vice President of Product, will be talking about Transitioning to SSDs in a High I/O Environment. Attendees are invited to listen to this informative talk, which will chronicle New Relic's own experience moving from HDDs to SSDs. The session takes place on April 12 at 3:00pm PST in Ballroom E.

About Percona, Inc.

Percona, Inc. has made MySQL faster and more reliable for over 1,400 consulting and support customers worldwide since 2006. Percona provides enterprise-grade MySQL supportconsultingtraining, and development services to companies such as Cisco Systems, Alcatel-Lucent, Groupon, and the BBC. Percona's founders authored the definitive book High Performance MySQL from O'Reilly Press and the widely read MySQL Performance Blog. Percona also develops software for MySQL users, including Percona Server and Percona XtraBackup, the only open source, hot backup utility for the InnoDB storage engine. The popular Percona Live conferences draw attendees and acclaimed speakers from around the world. For more information, visit www.percona.com.

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