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Apache Flink

Apache Flink

New Relic’s instant observability quickstart with Apache Flink monitoring helps you get vital metrics fast to get on top of issues before your customers do.

What's included?

Apache Flink quickstart contains 1 dashboard. These interactive visualizations let you easily explore your data, understand context, and resolve problems faster.
Apache Flink observability quickstart contains 4 alerts. These alerts detect changes in key performance metrics. Integrate these alerts with your favorite tools (like Slack, PagerDuty, etc.) and New Relic will let you know when something needs your attention.
Failed Checkpoints
This alert is triggered when the failed checkpoints is higher than 3 during 5 minutes.
Job Manager Heap Memory Usage
This alert is triggered when the job manager heap memory usage is higher than 10 MB during 5 minutes.
Task Manager Direct Memory Used
This alert is triggered when the task manager direct memory used is higher than 100 MB during 5 minutes.
Shuffle Service Used Memory
This alert is triggered when the shuffle netty used memory is higher than 2 MB during 5 minutes.

Comprehensive monitoring quickstart for Apache Flink

New Relic detects your Apache Flink metrics like job manager (checkpoints, direct, mapped, metaspace memory usage), task manager (shuffle service, operators), heap memory usage and more.

Why monitor Apache Flink?

An ideal Apache Flink performance monitoring provides an easy way for effective monitoring and alerting of your Apache Flink jobs.

Apache monitoring dashboards

New Relic's Apache Flink monitoring quickstart boasts instant full-stack observability out-of-the-box.

Our easy-to-use performance monitoring dashboards monitor metrics like:

  • Heap memory usage
  • Job manager uptime and downtime
  • Used memory
  • CPU time in seconds and CPU load
  • Status of recent triggered checkpoints and those in progress

Apache Flink performance alerts

We’ve also created strategic alerts toproactively inform you about the status of your Apache Flink jobs.

These alerts include failed checkpoints, job manager heap memory usage higher than 10MB, task manager direct memory higher than 100MB, and shuffle service used memory greater than 2MB.

How to use this quickstart

  • Sign Up for a free New Relic account or Log In to your existing account.
  • Click the install button.
  • Install the quickstart to get started or improve how you monitor your environment. They're filled with pre-built resources like dashboards, instrumentation, and alerts.