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When the pandemic first started, none of us knew how long it would last. That includes me. The thing I miss the most is building software with passionate people in the community. Whether we’re just tinkering with Raspberry Pi or getting deep into New Relic One—I miss all of it.

When I learned we wouldn’t have a FutureStack this year, I wanted to develop an event that would allow us to engage with each other, even if it was virtually. That’s how Nerd Days 1.0 was born.

As someone who is a developer first and a product manager second, I am truly passionate about events that gather the community together. I’m not a slideware guy—that’s what I always tell my team. Put me on stage for a demo and let me tell a story and I’m all for it. Tell me to run through slides, and I’ll pass. That’s why I’m so excited for Nerd Days on Oct. 13.


Nerd Days is a free digital conference, built by engineers from companies across the industry to benefit every developer, engineer, or practitioner, with any experience level. The event is specifically designed by fellow engineers as a hands-on-keyboard experience with live coding, demos, workshops, networking breakouts, and expert-led Q&A sessions. We’re all about making real connections, in real time, between people and products.

There are 25 sessions across different topics that you—the community—have told us you want to learn more about. Whether you’re someone who just signed up for our new free-tier and started exploring or a certified data nerd looking for more advanced sessions, we’ve got something for everyone:

  • Cloud Migration: Whether you’re early in the cloud modernization efforts, or you’re looking to streamline monitoring of your environment, our speakers from AWS and New Relic have something to offer.
  • Open Source: We’ve aligned to open standards and best practices, so now we’re sharing with you what we’ve learned, and how we’re integrating popular tools like Prometheus and Grafana.
  • DevOps Journey: No longer a back-of-the-house function, DevOps is truly front and center to keep organizations running. Learn from Relics building our automation capabilities and customers like 27Global who have adopted an SRE-as-a-Service model.
  • New Relic Fundamentals: If you’ve just signed up for the free tier or still early in your New Relic journey, check out these sessions to get started.

Looking forward to seeing you at Nerd Days 1.0! And if you haven’t already, don't forget to register for this free event.