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GitHub Deployment Protection Rules

GitHub Deployment Protection Rules

Use New Relic anomaly detection to create GitHub deployment protection rules

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What are Deployment Protection Rules

Deployment Protection Rules for GitHub Actions provides additional control to your GitHub Actions CI/CD workflows. Developers can enforce quality gates on every deployment environment, preventing deployments that do not meet specific criteria from reaching production.

Why Set Up Deployment Protection Rules

By setting up Deployment Protection Rules and integrating them into their release processes, teams can break down silos and create tighter collaboration between development, operations, and other groups for faster, more reliable releases. This can also lead to a better overall development lifecycle, with fewer bugs, better testing, and more reliable code.

Integrate New Relic with GitHub Actions releases

New Relic and GitHub have made it easy to set up rigorous control mechanisms that ensure only high-quality thoroughly tested code reaches production.

With the New Relic Gate App, you can leverage anomaly detection to automatically intercept and validate deployment requests. This lets you prevent issues earlier in the release cycle to reduce alarming on higher level environments and build better software.


With this integration, you can connect software performance and environment health analysis to actual deployment criteria, allowing you to:

  • Protect downstream environments from potential issues. Connect New Relic signals with your deployment gates to prevent hazards and issues from being deployed downstream.
  • Gain flexible control with New Relic AIOps. Whether it's errors, performance changes, or anomalies, anything you monitor can become a deployment gate.
  • Catch issues earlier in the release cycle. Shift left and prevent issues before they make it to production.

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