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For New Relic Chief Product Officer Jim Gochee, what makes an engineering career at New Relic so special? The technology veteran’s answer comes down to one key factor—scale: ”We get to work at a scale that very few companies ever get to see.” Over two billion events and metrics per minute, to be exact.

Gochee, who’s been with New Relic since CEO Lew Cirne founded the company more than 10 years ago, shared his thoughts in a new video, "Engineer at a Scale You Never Thought Possible."

Just as important, Gochee says, that scale is all about providing value to our customers—a group that includes more than half of the Fortune 100. We help them deliver a great customer experience in their biggest moments of truth, he says, “when their systems have to work, and they’re depending on New Relic for their own success.”

Exceptional people build exceptional products.

At New Relic, we believe that the only way to build exceptional products is to hire exceptional people. So, “we need people who are really really smart, and interested in solving hard problems,” Gochee says. And then we put them in environments where they can learn and grow. “Growing as fast as we are,” he adds, “there’s always a new project, there’s always a new team being formed, there’s always a new initiative you can latch onto.”

“We’ve got a really big mission as a company,” Gochee says, “and we’re just getting started.” If you want to be a part of it, check out our open roles in development centers in Portland, San Francisco, Barcelona, and around the world:

Want to learn more? Check out the video for yourself: