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What do a telecommunications company from Australia, an e-commerce site from Indonesia, and a food delivery service from Dubai have in common? They’re all winners of New Relic’s inaugural Data Nerd Award. The Data Nerd Award recognizes New Relic One users that are pushing the boundaries of observability—instrumenting everything, connecting everyone to vital data, and simplifying software development and performance monitoring. Let’s take a look at a few of this year’s winners from around the world and how they are integrating New Relic into their platforms.


Category: Data Creativity

The Data Creativity category recognizes an organization that thinks outside the box and uses their creativity to drive data innovation and positive customer experiences. PDB clinched the award due to the creation of the signature Map of Malaysia New Relic One app.

New Relic, in partnership with PETRONAS PDB, built a New Relic One app that combines all critical performance data into a single platform, giving the PDB operations team visibility into the overall health of all 616 PETRONAS stations across Malaysia, along with the ability to analyze individual stations to look at performance health, process, and application logs.

The result? Significant improvements for the customer experience, including being able to swiftly identify and address issues across all 616 PETRONAS stations. Instead of waiting for problems to occur, the team at PDB now takes a proactive approach in responding to areas of concern, resulting in better uptime and operational availability.

Winner: Tokopedia

Category: New Data Nerd

The New Data Nerd award recognizes new users who are driving an observability-first strategy for their teams through DevOps innovation, producing positive customer experiences as a result. Tokopedia, an Indonesian technology company with the biggest marketplace platform in Indonesia, took this award for its strategic observability initiative to transform Tokopedia into a ‘Super Ecosystem’ with all key partners in Indonesia.

Tokopedia took an observability-first approach to the frontend by building the signature “The Map of Indonesia.” The map is a business dashboard that focuses on the end-users using Tokopedia by incorporating custom event data, backend APM, and Core Web Vitals mapped to geographical points.

With New Relic, Tokopedia is able to correlate performance telemetry, key business metrics, and deployment velocity into one single view. This frees up Tokopedia’s engineers to focus on performance engineering, analyze the quality of code in production, and identify any hotspots which are causing issues or bottlenecks with ease.

Winner: Telstra

Category: New Tech Innovator

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider, received the New Tech Innovator Award for delivering real user performance monitoring across their production Salesforce environments.

The project gave Telstra operational insights into the delivered application performance and experience for 10,000 frontline agents and staff across hundreds of retail stores and call centers.

Telstra, Salesforce, and New Relic worked together to implement this solution, which went live in April, 2021. Telstra used New Relic's full-stack observability to combine synthetic monitoring of user journeys with real user monitoring incorporating custom Java code to capture browser performance of Salesforce Lightning components—something that had never been done before. Now Telstra can see the end-to-end transaction performance delivered to agents from button click to screen render, with real-time insight breakdown of the transaction into end-to-end components including the browser, application server, and network. This allows Telstra to quickly identify and isolate problems to particular geographies and stores, and to proactively improve staff efficiency and customer experience.

Winner: Talabat (Delivery Hero)

Category: DevOps Heroes

Talabat (a subsidiary of Delivery Hero) received the DevOps Heroes Award due to their commitment to DevOps best practices. 

Talabat’s DevOps team used a feature implementation plan to look at their tech stack and identify opportunities to achieve full instrumentation with New Relic. This meant including integrations, logs, and many custom events to meticulously track the customer order lifecycle.

Talabat’s prior logging platform wasn't working for them, so they rearchitected their .NET logging to support New Relic Logs in Context, and migrated their logs to New Relic. This allowed them to troubleshoot faster while maintaining total context of their logs—something they were not previously able to do. Because all records, even custom events, are linked with an Order ID, the teams can create dashboards from transactions, events, or logs, and never have to leave New Relic to view the customer lifecycle. This project resulted in resource optimization, the implementation of business KPIs for order loss and payment variations, the utilization of deployment markers for faster MTTR and MTTD, and an enhanced customer experience. In addition, New Relic has also been extended to some of Talabat’s business teams to monitor and enhance operations in real-time.