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Log Management with New Relic One

Move beyond traditional logging

Log monitoring at scale has never been faster, easier, or more affordable. The New Relic Telemetry Data Platform provides an open, scalable, and extensible platform for log management. Log management with New Relic One performs at scale for data ingestion and query response time. Use New Relic One to collect, search, and correlate logs from your applications, infrastructure, and network devices for faster troubleshooting and investigation. 

Log management with New Relic One is easy to use and intuitive to learn, with out-of-the-box parsing rules and support for the most common programming languages. More importantly, you can apply the full power of New Relic One search, alerting, and visualization capabilities to your log data: 

  • Supports plain word search and the Lucene Query Language 
  • Combs through more than 50 billion events per second, so you can quickly find the data you’re looking for 
  • Uses machine learning to detect patterns and surface outliers in log data for faster debugging 
  • Visualizes search results in native dashboards or open source tools such as Grafana 
  • Allows you to create alert policies from your log data to identify trends proactively before a serious incident arises
new relic log management dashboard

Combine logs with critical APM and Kubernetes data

Configure logs in context to automatically connect slow traces and application errors collected by APM agents with the underlying log data. You can also output Kubernetes log data to New Relic using a Fluent Bit plugin. In either case, you’ll be prepared to more quickly discover the root cause of a performance issue or service incident. With logs in context, you’ll be able to: 

  • Get a unified view of your logs and telemetry data 
  • Make informed decisions faster, with all your pertinent information in one place 
  • Understand the health of your full environment better to proactively address problems before they occur
kubernetes cluster explorer

“Having a single view with New Relic One is a lifesaver for me. When we tie logs to an application and try to figure out the contributing factors, I can go to one spot instead of three different tools like before.”

—Thomas Martin, Director, Site Reliability Engineering, 27Global

Why New Relic

New Relic was born and built in the cloud for easy administration, scalability, and use. New Relic is an ideal fit for organizations that need log observability at scale to reduce troubleshooting time and improve mean time to resolution. Log management with New Relic One enables you to: 

  • Centralize visibility into all of your on-premises and cloud data. 
  • Gain lightning-fast response time, with queries in seconds—not minutes or hours.
  • Leverage users’ existing data analytics skills, including plain word search and Lucene. 
  • Send your data from anywhere, including open source and cloud, into New Relic with ease.
  • Manage your logs easily, with no infrastructure to worry about.
  • Correlate telemetry data with logs in context, which provides detailed logs associated with traces, APM errors, and more, so users can drill down to see the specific log messages they need for any incident.
  • Partition and segment data any way you want for lightning-fast search performance.
  • Eliminate the need to pick and choose which logs you can afford to capture.
new relic log management dashboard

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