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Find and Resolve Incidents Faster with New Relic AIOps

As software and systems grow in complexity, on-call engineers have a lot more to monitor and react to—a wider surface area, more frequent software changes, more data across fragmented tools, more alerts, and more pressure to respond quickly when problems occur that could impact customer experience or SLOs. Alert fatigue is real. It’s a challenge to separate signals from the noise, prioritize alerts, and know what to take action on first.

AIOps helps by putting artificial intelligence and machine learning in the hands of on-call teams so they can detect, diagnose, and respond to incidents faster. New Relic Applied Intelligence, part of the New Relic One observability platform, provides automatic, easy-to-use AIOps capabilities to take the headache and guesswork out of incident response.

Instantly detect anomalies and outliers

Detect potential problems early by receiving notifications in your tool of choice, such as Slack, before they impact customers.

  • Applied Intelligence proactively monitors your application metrics and log data for patterns and anomalies based on SRE golden signals—such as latency, errors, and traffic—and notifies you immediately.

  • Explore millions of log messages with a single click and reduce manual querying by automatically clustering your log data to quickly find anomalous patterns and problematic needles in the haystack.

  • Get detailed analytics for each anomaly to help you troubleshoot, including related signals for the anomalous service and visibility into the behavior of upstream and downstream services.

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Reduce alert fatigue with event correlation

Automatically group your alerts to decrease noise and focus on what matters most.

  • Applied Intelligence suppresses noisy alerts and correlates related ones that are due to the same core issue, so instead of drowning in a flood of alerts, you get one correlated issue with all the information needed to take action.

  • Alerts are automatically correlated using time-based clustering, context from alert metadata, and topology data based on how all of your services relate to one another.

  • Easily tune the correlation engine with your own decision logic, using intuitive, guided UIs.

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Get to the root cause of problems faster

Get actionable insights into why each issue occurred, which services and systems are impacted, their criticality, and how to respond.

  • Applied Intelligence automatically classifies issues based on SRE golden signals and shows you deployments that may have contributed to the issue to help you understand why the problem occurred.

  • You can also quickly assess the issue’s scope by seeing impacted entities and software components related to the failure.

  • Applied Intelligence even provides ML-based guidance on suggested responders on your team who may be best equipped to resolve each issue.

root cause analysis example screenshot

Why New Relic for AIOps?

Most approaches to AIOps require steep learning curves and too much time and expertise to onboard and use. New Relic Applied Intelligence is different.

  • Fastest time to detection and diagnosis: Start detecting anomalies immediately with zero configuration, and use automatic, out-of-the-box correlations and pre-trained ML models to reduce alert fatigue by up to 90%. New Relic frees you from steep learning curves, lengthy training times, and complex integrations.

  • Correlate related alerts from any source: Ingest alerts and events from any source, regardless of whether they originated in New Relic. Correlate alerts and incident data from any tool you use that generates alerts—such as Splunk, Prometheus, Grafana, or Amazon CloudWatch—to reduce noise and prioritize the most important issues.

  • Fits into your incident management workflows: Deeply integrate into your existing incident management tools, such as PagerDuty and ServiceNow, in only a few clicks. Trigger remediation workflows, keep incidents in sync, and eliminate the toil of managing incidents across tools.

  • Transparency into why incidents are correlated to build trust: AIOps tools shouldn’t be a black box. New Relic gives you transparency into why and how events are correlated and enables you to optionally tune the system with your own correlation logic, so you have confidence in the ML models that reduce noise.

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