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See all your traces without management headaches

New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing observes 100% of your application traces, then provides visualization for the most actionable data so you can investigate and solve issues faster.

It's also fully managed and cloud-native, which means you get on-demand scalability without the toil of managing infrastructure or operating yet another service.

Find and fix issues fast

Troubleshooting distributed systems is a classic needle in a haystack problem. New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing eliminates the noise based on what’s important to you, like focusing on errors, or long-running traces.

Eliminate operational burden

New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing is the next generation in distributed tracing. Because it’s fully managed, you can observe 100% of the tracing telemetry across your distributed systems—and you never have to spin up additional infrastructure.

Cloud local means lower cost

New Relic Edge lives in the same region and provider as your cloud-based workloads, giving you low-latency and low-cost data transfer. That means you can send more data to Infinite Tracing and save on data egress fees at the same time.

Use tracing data from any source

Get the flexibility to use trace telemetry from any source. We’re committed to providing our customers a vendor-neutral platform with support for open source tracing tools and standards like OpenTelemetry, OpenCensus (Go and Python), and Istio.

Heads or tails: you choose

It’s common for teams to manage a mix of legacy monolith apps and microservices-based apps, each with different monitoring requirements. That’s why we give you the flexibility to choose Distributed Tracing with head-based sampling or Infinite Tracing with tail-based sampling.

New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing

New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing is a fully managed, distributed tracing service that observes 100% of your application traces, then provides actionable data so you can solve issues faster.

The power of one platform

New Relic One connects your tracing telemetry with full-estate data including Real User Monitoring (Browser and Mobile), Infrastructure, Logs, Programmability, Dashboarding, and more. And it’s all built on the world’s most powerful telemetry database, so you get end-to-end visibility with unparalleled flexibility and lightning fast search and visualization.

Get full access to New Relic One for free

Monitor your stack for free with full platform access and 100GB of ingest per month. No credit card required.