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At New Relic, our purpose is to democratize access to observability and make observability a daily practice so all engineering teams can monitor, debug, and optimize their entire stack to deliver better customer experiences.  We launched New Relic for Startups in 2021 with the goal of giving startup engineering teams and technical founders the tools to deliver software with confidence. 

Since then, the program has rapidly grown to include early-stage startups across every industry, from finance and media to gaming and retail. New Relic for Startups customers include companies like Hex, a platform for analytics and data science.

"As data scientists and engineers ourselves, we've lived the pain of slow queries, painful interfaces, and broken data pipelines," says Hex Co-founder and CTO Caitlin Colgrove. "We want to spare our users from those experiences. We run extremely large Kubernetes clusters, and New Relic has helped us quickly understand the health of our pods, receive alerts about performance issues that might impact customers, and drill into requests moving between all of our cloud services."

Our collaboration with Carta and Zendesk

To further our goal, we’re announcing our collaboration with Carta and Zendesk to provide best-in-class platforms to scale both engineering and business practices to the next generation of founders. Now, a larger ecosystem of early-stage startups will have access to the same tools used by leading engineering organizations. By teaming up with companies like Carta and Zendesk, all builders can establish DevOps and data-driven engineering practices early, seeing a complete picture of their apps and systems in a single platform. Eligible startups in each program, whether New Relic, Carta, or Zendesk, will be able to take advantage of all three platforms. 

“The Carta startup program is designed to help founders scale and make software buying decisions easier. We’re thrilled to partner with New Relic for Startups to provide our founders with a world-class observability platform to monitor their entire technology stack,” said Carta Head of Strategy and Tech Partnerships Marisabel Agosto.

“We at Zendesk are excited to partner with the New Relic team,” says Zendesk for Startups Partnership Manager Adam O’Donnell. “We have thousands of startups apply for our program each year, and we try to help them grow by offering deals from other great companies. We believe New Relic will help our founders ship better software faster by monitoring and debugging their stack accurately.”

Startup benefits

With this collaboration, the New Relic observability platform is accessible to fast-growing startups that are currently using Carta or Zendesk tools. In addition, companies in the New Relic for Startups program have greater access to tools and resources provided by Carta and Zendesk (eligibility applies). Benefits for startups include:

  • Access to the same developer tools that the world’s leading engineering organizations use to observe, analyze, and improve the performance of their software, including the New Relic observability platform, which unifies 16 monitoring tools in one.
  • Generous credits and discounts for eligible startups across Carta’s equity management and company-building solutions and Zendesk’s customer service, engagement, and sales CRM solution. This enables startups to focus on building companies around big ideas while preserving burn rates. 
  • Easier qualification across the three programs. Startups already qualified for Carta and Zendesk’s programs can sign up for New Relic for Startups, and eligible startups can qualify for programs provided by Carta and Zendesk.