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NOTE: This post was originally published in March 2018, but has since been revised and updated with new and updated profiles.

Keeping up with any language community can be tough, especially when you're just starting out. Writing software is a challenging pursuit, but like all such challenges it's a lot more fun with friends.

We've collected some of the developers we like to follow on Twitter who frequently work with JavaScript, Node.js, and especially React, the frontend JavaScript framework that has experienced explosive growth over the last few years.

No matter where you are in your career, we hope you'll find inspiration and community from this short list of some of our favorite JavaScript developers.

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Here they are in alphabetical order:

dan abramovDan Abramov

Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App.

Twitter: @dan_abramov

GitHub: github.com/gaearon

Medium: medium.com/@dan_abramov


photo of Nicole ArchambaultNicole Archambault

A web developer and educational technology entrepreneur, Nicole made a career change to software in 2015 and founded La Vie en Code, an educational resource dedicated to helping students learn web development.

Twitter: @lavie_encode

Website: www.lavieencode.net

GitHub: github.com/lavieencode

wes bos

Wes Bos

Full stack web developer, designer, and entrepreneur.

Twitter: @wesbos

Website: wesbos.com

GitHub: github.com/wesbos


mathias bynensMathias Bynens

Works on Chrome DevTools and @v8js, Google’s high-performance open source JavaScript and WebAssembly engine.

Twitter: @mathias

Blog: mathiasbynens.be

GitHub: github.com/mathiasbynens


mark dalgeishMark Dalgleish

CSS Modules co-creator, @MelbJS organizer, full-stack ECMAScript addict, UI design enthusiast, DesignOps lead at @seekjobs.

Twitter: @markdalgleish

Website: markdalgleish.com

GitHub: github.com/markdalgleish


photo of Gift EgwuenuGift Egwuenu

Gift is the founder of the Vue Vixens chapter in Nigeria, co-organizer of the Concatenate Conference, an Auth0 Ambassador, and a media developer expert at Cloudinary. She is especially passionate about open source software and making the web accessible to everyone.

Twitter: @lauragift_

Website: giftegwuenu.com

GitHub: github.com/lauragift21

Charlie Gerard

Senior front-end developer @Netlify, speaker and creative technologist.

Twitter: @devdevcharlie

GitHub: github.com/charliegerard

Medium: medium.com/@devdevcharlie


loiane gronerLoiane Groner

Business analyst and senior JavaScript/Java/HTML5 developer for a financial institution; author of books for Packt Publishing.

Twitter: @loiane

Website: loiane.com

GitHub: github.com/loiane

YouTube: youtube.com/loianegroner

chris heilmannChris Heilmann

Principal Program Manager for Browser Tools at Microsoft and author of Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax: From Novice to Professional.

Twitter: @codepo8

Blog: christianheilmann.com

GitHub: github.com/codepo8

photo of Sophie KooninSophie Koonin

Sophie is a senior web engineer and web discipline lead at Monzo. She cares about web accessibility, keeping the web fun, and lowering the barrier to entry for people learning web development.

Twitter: @type__error

Website: localghost.dev

GitHub: github.com/SophieKoonin/

Benedikt MeurerBenedikt Meurer

Tech lead of Chrome DevTools in Google’s Munich office.

Twitter: @bmeurer

Website: benediktmeurer.de

GitHub: github.com/bmeurer

Stack Exchange: stackoverflow.com/users/839749/bmeurer

Addy Osmani

Engineering manager at Google Chrome and author of Learning JavaScript Design Patterns.

Twitter: @addyosmani

GitHub: github.com/addyosmani


Axel RauschmayerAxel Rauschmayer

Author of Speaking JavaScript and books on ECMAScript, co-curator of ES.next News.

Twitter: @rauschma

Blog: 2ality.com

GitHub: github.com/rauschma

Medium: medium.com/@rauschma

Alex Russell

Google Chrome Web Platform engineer.

Twitter: @slightlylate

GitHub: github.com/slightlyoff


photo of Jessica ShepherdJessica Shepherd

Jessica is a full-stack web developer who enjoys working with Node.js and React.

Twitter: @javascript_jess

Website: jessicajade.dev

GitHub: github.com/jessicajades


CJ SilverioCJ Silverio

Principal engineer at Eaze.

Twitter: @ceejbot

Blog: ceejbot.tumblr.com

GitHub: github.com/ceejbot


Kyle Simpson

Founder, teacher, mentor, JavaScript expert, and author of Functional-Light JavaScript.

GitHub: github.com/getify


Karolina SzczurKarolina Szczur

Product design lead at Calibre. 

Twitter: @fox

Website: thefox.is

GitHub: github.com/thefoxis

Medium: medium.com/@fox

photo of Anjana VakilAnjana Vakil

Anjana is fascinated by languages, both human and machine. She enjoys contributing to open source projects like Zulip, D3, and CPython.

Twitter: @AnjanaVakil

GitHub: github.com/vakila


photo of Cassidy Williams

Cassidy Williams

Principal Developer Experience Engineer @netlify.

Twitter: @cassidoo

Website: cassidoo.co

GitHub: github.com/cassidoo

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