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Node.js Application Performance Monitoring

Pinpoint and solve your Node.js application performance issues! New Relic APM is the only tool you’ll need to see everything in your data intensive, real-time, Node.js applications—from application response times to server monitoring.

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Find the bottlenecks in your Node.js application

The New Relic agent can help you identify the slowest web transactions in your Node.js app. You can see where your application is spending time in the database including noSQL datastores like Redis, mongoDB, and memcached. You can identify slow 3rd party APIs and web services, track application memory usage, and get details on your slow transactions with transaction traces. Node.js monitoring has never been easier.

A Monitoring Solution That Can Keep Up With Your Rapidly Scaling Node.js Apps

Use the Application Overview Dashboard for general information about your app and then drill down to web transactions and errors. In one place, you can easily see:

  • Response time
  • Apdex score
  • Throughput (requests per minute)
  • Web transactions
  • Error rates
  • Recent events
  • Server information

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Find Node.js Errors Fast

Whether your app is in a dedicated data center, a public cloud, or a hybrid cloud, New Relic APM works just the same. Easily see the top five web transactions, their average response times and throughput, with links to transaction and error traces.

  • Monitor web transactions
  • Create Custom Dashboards
  • Get alerted to application errors and exceptions—fix problems before they affect users
Gain Visibility into Performance Levels

Identify misconfigurations and potential bottlenecks. Give your entire team access to the New Relic dashboard so they can drill down into detailed information about web transactions, including code-level visibility into transaction traces.

Why New Relic?

New Relic APM is the only SaaS application monitoring tool that monitors the entire Node.js app. With a single product and a single UI, New Relic lets you see the whole stack, front and back, in a real-time performance dashboard you can access anytime, anywhere. Discusses Using Node.js Agent

Support for the Most Popular Frameworks and Databases

We support the major Node.js frameworks and databases right out of the box, including:

Read our case studies to see how thousands of companies have used New Relic for Node.js app monitoring.

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“How do I install the New Relic agent?”

Glad you asked! Here’s an example process typical for a Node.js agent installation. Your process may differ depending on the environment you’re adding the New Relic agent to.

  1. Create A New Relic Account
  2. Install the New Relic Node.js agent
    npm install newrelic
  3. Configure the newrelic.js file
    Copy newrelic.js from node_modules/newrelic into the root directory of your application.
    Set a value for app_name.
    Replace the license_key value with your New Relic license key.
  4. Require New Relic
    Make this the first line of your app's startup script: require('newrelic');
  5. Deploy your application
  6. See data in 5 minutes
    A few minutes later, your application will begin sending data to New Relic.
    Once we receive the data, your application will be listed on your dashboard.

    That's it!

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Happy Monitoring!