Node.js Performance Monitoring

Viewing the health of your Node.js applications has never been easier. Pinpoint and solve issues down to the line of code with Node monitoring from New Relic.

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Get the full picture of your Node.js application environment.

  • Use Service Maps to see everything happening in your Node.js application deployment
  • Gain specific line-of-code visibility, so you can pinpoint even the smallest errors with error stack traces
  • Slice and dice errors in real timeā€”based on host, error code, error message, and other attributes
  • Measure performance of your calls to external services and datastores

View detailed Node.js application metrics directly in your New Relic APM dashboard.

  • Response time for your applications
  • Transaction error events
  • Transaction and custom metric information
  • Apdex, throughput and MORE
Nodejs monitoring overview dashboard on monitor

Looking for more technical information?

Read our Node.js documentation.

Installing the Node.js agent is easy.


Or check out our documentation for step-by-step guidance.

Support for major frameworks and platforms.

We support the major Node.js frameworks and databases right out of the box, including:

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