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Last updated: October 21, 2021

These Service Specific Terms (“Terms”) govern your use of the identified services below and are in addition to your agreement with New Relic. Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Terms will have the respective meanings assigned to them in the New Relic Terms of Service (“TOS”).  New Relic may modify these Terms from time to time as our business changes and technology evolves. The most current version of these Terms will be posted on If you do not agree to these Terms or any change(s) thereto, your sole remedy is to stop using the Service(s) below. Use of these Service(s) after any update shall constitute acceptance of these Terms. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and your agreement for the Services, these Terms take precedence.



Your access and use of software, services, features, user-interfaces, and platforms made available to you by New Relic that are not yet generally available (including, alpha, beta, pilot, limited release, developer preview, technology preview, non-production, evaluation, or by a similar description) versions of a Service and Software are subject to the Pre-Release Policy in the Documentation.



1. Definitions. 

“CodeStream Service” means New Relic’s proprietary cloud deployment of CodeStream and is considered a “Service”. The CodeStream Service includes the Documentation and Plugins, but not Third Party Services.

“CodeStream Data” means any data, content or materials that Customer submits to the CodeStream Service and is considered “Customer Data” with respect to the CodeStream Service.

“Plugins” means any on-premises software that New Relic provides to Customer as part of the CodeStream Service and is considered “Software.”

2. Third-Party Open Source. The Plugins may incorporate OSS as listed in the Documentation, and such OSS is governed solely by the applicable OSS license.

3. Usage Limits. When using the CodeStream Service, Customer will comply with the Documentation and any other instructions provided by New Relic from time to time, including the usage limits specified by New Relic (“Usage Limits”). Customer will not (and will not permit anyone else to) do any of the following: resell the Plugins to a third-party or redistribute the Plugins to a third-party except as expressly permitted by the applicable software license.

4. Termination of an Order. Upon termination of an Order, if any, Customer may continue to use the CodeStream Service subject to