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Data and User Management gives you control over your data, and New Relic’s suite of capabilities gives you the power and flexibility you need to maintain security and optimize the value of your data.

  • Security: Protect your sensitive data and who can access it.
  • Optimize value: Only store the data you want, and only for as long as it’s needed.

Data Ingest Pipeline

Capability Description Benefits
Data dropping Drop data types or data attributes before ingest
  • Reduce retention costs
  • Prevent ingesting sensitive data
Events-to-metrics Convert events into metrics (13 months retention)
  • Reduce retention costs
  • Long term analysis
Logs-to-metrics Convert logs into metrics (13 months retention)
  • Reduce retention costs
  • Long term analysis


Data security, retention, and access

Capability Description Benefits
Role Based Access Control Manage access for authorized users Fast, secure user access by role
SAML SSO Authentication Verify users to grant or deny access Easy user login authentication
Automated User Management Manage users via Okta, OneLogin, and Azure AD Scalable user provisioning
Audit account changes Query audit logs for account changes Transaction transparency and user accountability
Encryption-at-rest Encrypting your data while at-rest Prevent unauthorized access to your data
Flexible retention Event data retention rules by event namespace Reduce retention costs for low-value Events
Data deletion Delete GDPR/CCPA-related data in New Relic Boost compliance efforts for customer data


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