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New Relic Helps Fairfax Media Grow Application Footprint on Amazon Web Services

New Relic Achieves AWS Migration Competency with Proven Customer Success

San Francisco - 10 de Agosto de 2016

Software analytics leader New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) announced that Fairfax Media (ASX: FXJ), a leading multi-platform media company in Australia and New Zealand, standardized their monitoring with New Relic. Fairfax joins thousands of companies who trust New Relic to support their cloud initiatives running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a result of proven customer success in organizations like Fairfax, New Relic has achieved the AWS Migration Competency.

Fairfax operates more than 300 sites spanning news, information, property, services, and entertainment. As Fairfax’s digital business grew, they identified that resources dedicated to building and maintaining data centers could be better applied to building digital products. Fairfax selected AWS as their preferred cloud services provider based on the amount of cloud services they offered at scale.

Setting out with the goal of moving as many applications as possible from their data centers to AWS, Fairfax initially started the journey by manually moving individual applications over, but quickly saw the need for in-depth performance data as they re-architected their applications for the cloud. With the learnings from the first phase of their migration, Fairfax standardized with New Relic to gain detailed performance information on their applications and integrate within their automation process.

With New Relic, Fairfax has established performance metrics from the start and tracked them over time, enabling them to identify issues that might not immediately present themselves. This has been especially impactful for the company’s continuous-integration-and-deployment processes, enabling developers to catch bugs that previously slipped through and couldn’t be tracked. Additionally for applications that haven’t fully migrated over to AWS, and are utilizing a hybrid architecture with AWS, New Relic has enabled Fairfax to optimize performance of services across environments.

Supporting Quotes
“New Relic gives us detailed performance information and the ability to track it over time as we re-architect our applications to run on AWS. Our developers are able to take more responsibility for their code and ship it faster with confidence,” said Michael Lorant, senior systems engineer at Fairfax Media. “Using New Relic has enabled us to know what's going on before anyone else.”

“Cloud computing is a top priority for many organizations right now and New Relic has an extensive track record of successfully enabling customers to benchmark and troubleshoot application performance before, during, and after a migration to AWS Cloud,” said John Gray, SVP of business development, New Relic. “For companies like Fairfax Media, New Relic provides the performance data they needed to streamline migration and achieve ongoing success in the cloud with AWS.”

AWS Competency Program
The AWS Competency Program is intended to help AWS customers find qualified members of the APN that have “demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success” with specific solutions and/or vertical areas. To qualify for the AWS Migration Competency, members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) must have a strong overall AWS practice, be able to showcase AWS customer successes, demonstrate technical readiness within the Competency, and meet AWS Security Best Practices. In addition, all products and solutions from Competency holders are validated by internal AWS teams.

Additional Resources
To learn more how New Relic can help you plan, migrate to, and have success with AWS, visit us at the AWS Summit in New York on August 11 at Booth 415 or newrelic.com/aws.

For more information about how New Relic is helping Fairfax Media in their digital transformation, read more here.

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