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Unified Visibility

See everything in one place

Correlate infrastructure health with application performance and what end-users experience. Do it all on one platform:

  • Spot emerging issues in real time. No need to pre-configure alerts.
  • See system-wide performance on one screen
  • Pinpoint root causes by visualizing relationships 
Proactive monitoring

Relax. Here’s an estate-wide early warning system.

See change in context across your entire estate in real time to:

  • Stay proactive by immediately detecting changes to the signals that matter most
  • Sense system-wide health at a glance across all of your hosts, VMs, cloud resources, containers, services, and applications
  • Reduce risk throughout your troubleshooting workflow
System-wide Topology

Quantify the impact radius of every incident

Visualize relationships and dependencies for all of your infrastructure and the applications running on them to:

  • Quickly isolate the source of problems impacting multiple entities
  • Time travel back to incident origins and replay historical state
  • Improve understanding and reduce time to act
Root-Cause Analysis

Quickly find root causes with less toil

Find the "why" faster with a unified experience on one platform:

  • Understand related entities, alerts, events, network metrics, and more in context
  • See all logs in context at your fingertips, only one click away
  • Compare golden signals for multiple infrastructure components
Instant Observability

With open integrations, your data rolls in

Instrument everything in just few clicks using New Relic’s Instant Observability quickstarts, which include:

  • A rich library of integrations ready to go
  • Pre-built dashboards and alerts
  • Guided install to easily instrument everything
  • Clear paths to build your own

Get full access to New Relic for free

Monitor your stack for free with full platform access and 100GB of ingest per month. No credit card required.