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Monitor and analyze your Temporal web with New Relic

What's included?

Temporal quickstart contains 1 dashboard. These interactive visualizations let you easily explore your data, understand context, and resolve problems faster.
Temporal observability quickstart contains 4 alerts. These alerts detect changes in key performance metrics. Integrate these alerts with your favorite tools (like Slack, PagerDuty, etc.) and New Relic will let you know when something needs your attention.
Activity Execution Fails
This alert is triggered if the Temporal activity execution fails once within a 5 minutes window.
Activity Excution Latency
This alert is triggered if the Temporal activity execution latency exceeds 5 seconds for 5 minutes.
Memory Usage Percent
This alert is triggered if the memory usage exceeds 90% for 5 minutes.
Activity Schedule to Start Latency
This alert is triggered if the Temporal activity schedule to start latency exceeds 5 seconds for 5 minutes.
Temporal observability quickstart contains 1 documentation reference. This is how you'll get your data into New Relic.

Comprehensive monitoring quickstart for Temporal

The Temporal web provides users with workflow execution state and metadata for debugging purposes. Integrating Temporal with New Relic allows you to leverage the strengths of both systems, enabling a holistic monitoring solution encompassing metrics and alerts. Customize the outlined steps according to the specific programming language and framework employed in your Temporal services.

Why monitor Temporal?

Monitoring allows you to identify performance bottlenecks, such as slow workflows or inefficient resource usage, and optimize your Temporal application for better performance and helps you detect and diagnose faults or errors in your Temporal workflows.

What’s included in this quickstart?

New Relic Temporal monitoring quickstart provides quality out-of-the-box reporting:

  • Cluster metrics
  • Queue metrics
  • Java SDK metrics
  • Infrastructure metrics
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts

How to use this quickstart

  • Sign Up for a free New Relic account or Log In to your existing account.
  • Click the install button.
  • Install the quickstart to get started or improve how you monitor your environment. They're filled with pre-built resources like dashboards, instrumentation, and alerts.
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