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Improve the visibility of your OpenLLM usage with New Relic OpenLLM quickstart.

What's included?

OpenLLM quickstart contains 1 dashboard. These interactive visualizations let you easily explore your data, understand context, and resolve problems faster.
OpenLLM observability quickstart contains 3 alerts. These alerts detect changes in key performance metrics. Integrate these alerts with your favorite tools (like Slack, PagerDuty, etc.) and New Relic will let you know when something needs your attention.
This alert is triggered if the number of errors exceeds 2 within 5 minutes.
Requests per model
This alert is triggered if requests per model exceeds 1000 in 5 minutes.
Response time
This alert is triggered if response time exceeds 5 seconds in 5 minutes.

Why should you monitor your usage of OpenLLM?

Monitor your application powered by OpenLLM language models to ensure, get visibility to what you send to OpenLLM, responses received from OpenLLM, latency, usage and errors. By monitoring the usage, you can infer the cost.

Track the LLM's performance:

Monitor the input & output, latency and errors of your LLM provider. Track performance changes with the providers and versions of your LLM. Monitor usage to understand the cost, rate limits, and general performance.

Track your app:

By tracking key metrics like latency, throughput, error rates, and input & output, you can gain insights into your LangChain app's performance and identify areas of improvement.

Early issue detection:

Detect and address issues early to prevent them from affecting model performance.

Comprehensive OpenLLM monitoring quickstart

Our OpenLLM quickstart provides metrics including error rate, input & output, latency, queries, and lets you integrate with different language models.

What’s included in the OpenLLM quickstart?

New Relic OpenLLM monitoring quickstart provides a variety of pre-built dashboards, which will help you gain insights into the health and performance of your OpenLLM usage. These reports include:

  • Dashboards (average tokens, LLM completion’s details, chain’s details, tool details, top tool names and many more)
  • Alerts (errors, request per model and response time)

How to use this quickstart

  • Sign Up for a free New Relic account or Log In to your existing account.
  • Click the install button.
  • Install the quickstart to get started or improve how you monitor your environment. They're filled with pre-built resources like dashboards, instrumentation, and alerts.
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