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Suppose you’re ready to showcase and validate your knowledge of programmability, including adding custom visualizations, requesting external data, and building on New Relic One. In that case, a new observability specialist certification course will help you meet your goals.

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What is it?

The New Relic programmability certification validates your expertise in extending New Relic One so that you can highlight your in-demand observability skill set to your organization. This certification program assumes you already have existing knowledge of React, Git, and GraphQL.

After completing the apps course, you'll be able to:

  • Describe what programmability means in the context of New Relic and other software platforms.
  • Explain what a New Relic One application is and why you would build one.
  • Describe the New Relic One SDK's component library and CLI uses.
  • Create a New Relic One application from scratch.
  • Deploy a New Relic One application.
  • Find and add an existing New Relic One application from the open source catalog.

After completing the custom visualization course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a new custom visualization and run it locally.
  • Deploy a custom visualization to the New Relic One Catalog.
  • Understand custom visualization permissions.
  • Define props to customize your visualization to meet your needs.
  • Quickly test and iterate on visualization code changes in custom visualizations.
  • Add custom visualization to dashboards.

Why does it matter?

We designed the New Relic programmability certification course for you—engineers and developers who already have a foundational knowledge of New Relic fundamentals—and want to validate your New Relic One expertise.