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New Relic Unveils Vision for First Software Analytics Solution

Application Performance Management Leader Expands Architecture, Delivers Innovations for Web, Mobile Apps and Gives Sneak Peek into ‘Rubicon’ Out in 2014

San Francisco -- FutureStack - 24 de Octubre de 2013

Today at the first-ever FutureStack13 conference for modern software builders, New Relic announced new innovations in application performance management (APM) and unveiled its vision for Software Analytics, which will, for the first time, enable an organization to make use of billions of daily metrics from their applications in real-time to make agile business decisions. CEO and Founder Lew Cirne announced the company’s second act of innovation during his opening keynote presentation at the show.

As part of the announcement, New Relic also previewed a new software analytics solution -- code-named “Rubicon” -- that will enable a company to use live application data to provide clear, actionable business insights across an organization. When launched as a product in 2014, Rubicon will be built on the world’s largest big data database, delivering real-time business insights, performance visibility, dynamic visualization and answers to application queries in real-time.

Also at FutureStack, New Relic announced new SaaS-based innovations for mobile and web applications, ranging from expanded APM for native mobile apps, rich performance diagnostics for the Node.js framework, advanced alerting, displaying new types of data in histograms and percentiles for web applications, to an iPad app for New Relic customers.

“Software applications are at the center of every business today,” said Lew Cirne, CEO of New Relic. “Organizations struggle to find easy, cost-effective ways to collect and make sense of data about their business and their customers in real-time. Software Analytics fills this gap in the market as the state of the business can be found within the transactions and data held within the application. New Relic will unlock the value of big data by providing organizations an accessible database of their business data and the ability to query in real time. The ability for people to ask questions about their business and get a response in real time has real possibilities to make a real impact on our daily lives.”

Differentiated from business intelligence and web analytics, software analytics is a new category that uniquely addresses the need for agile, iterative, ad hoc analytics about applications. Part of the $50-billion Big Data market opportunity over the next five years, software analytics solutions, like those being previewed by New Relic, can give businesses real-time insight into key technical and business metrics to make better decisions using data from and within their application.

Analyst Quote

“Application performance management is being transformed into a primary source for business and technical insights through the intelligent use of Software Analytics. Keys to successful deployment of these technologies include gathering of application events and metrics, rapid reduction and storage of large volumes of data, relevant analytics capabilities to learn relationships and discover anomalies, and operational simplicity and ease-of-use. With Rubicon, New Relic is aiming to extend the range of its APM solution to include built-in analytics with query and reporting functions designed for use directly by business users and IT staff without requiring the use of expert data scientists.”
- Tim Grieser, Program Vice President, Enterprise Systems Management Software, IDC

“My team and I are thrilled to share our vision for the next act of New Relic today at FutureStack,” said Cirne. “Our expertise and leadership in application performance management is an underlying requirement – and a great starting point – for the innovation necessary to make delivery on this vision possible.”

Existing New Relic customers can sign up to be part of the beta for Rubicon when available at newrelic.com/analytics.

Expanded APM Capabilities Bring New Innovations to Market Today

Also at FutureStack today, New Relic announced new updates to its application performance management solutions that include:


  • Expanded mobile APM capabilities to look into the device. Customers now have access to end-to-end, app code-level visibility for their applications. The new version provides user interaction traces and visibility on the network and on the mobile device. For more details, click here to access the news release.
  • Rich performance diagnostics for Node.js framework. . New Relic continues to expand its broad language coverage to include one of the industry’s hottest frameworks for highly interactive environments. Partners supporting the announcement include Joyent, Microsoft Windows Azure Mobile Services, CloudBees and EngineYard. For more details, click here to access the news release
  • More granular analysis with histograms and percentiles. New Relic is adding a statistical tool that plots and visualizes all the transaction, time-stamped events, including the smaller, but still significant, slower transactions.
  • Alert management made easy. New Relic is delivering advanced, policy-based alerting capabilities so customers are able to better manage the signal-to-noise ratio from a single screen. This capability is ideal for larger enterprises.
  • A New Relic iPad app. To enable New Relic app developer customers to use New Relic solution anywhere, New Relic is the first in the APM market to provide an iPad app. The app includes alerts and push notifications to enable customers the ability to manage the health of the apps while on the go.

For more on FutureStack including the schedule, visit www.futurestack.io. Follow @newrelic and the #FS13 hashtag on Twitter to hear the latest updates. See an overview of the FutureStack news at the New Relic blog

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