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Your observability launchpad

New Relic I/O is an open source ecosystem of community-contributed quickstarts for hundreds of tools and technologies you already use.

Each quickstart includes:

  • Pre-built dashboards and alerts
  • Step-by-step guided install experiences
  • Best practices from domain experts and partners
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Choose from 750+ quickstarts

Get out-of-the-box bundles of integrations, dashboards, and alerts—created by observability experts around the world, vetted by New Relic, and ready for you to install with one click.

Installing your first quickstart

Observability at your fingertips—see how easy it is to get up and running with instrumentation, dashboards, and alerts.

Contribute to the community

Want to share your monitoring use case or best practices? New Relic I/O is open source, so it’s easy to add to quickstarts or build a brand new one. Help drive the mission to democratize observability—and be featured as a quickstart author!

Learn observability best practices

Get tips and guides from observability experts to help you monitor, measure, and debug your stack like a pro.