New Relic for Amazon Web Services (BETA)

Greater context for AWS.

More AWS awareness? Yes, please. Get more context for your EC2 instances, and see more clearly how applications are performing throughout your infrastructure with New Relic for AWS.

We’ll let you know when the public beta is ready.


A clear and organized view.

Cut through the noise of individual EC2 instances. Quickly diagnose and resolve performance issues and easily monitor resource use with root-cause analytics down to the EC2 level.

Maintain an accurate EC2 list.

AWS EC2 instances come and go, some lasting only a few minutes. New Relic for AWS is designed to automatically recognize when an EC2 instance is deprovisioned, helping to reduce your UI clutter.

Use AWS tags to monitor with context.

Quickly filter, group, and organize using native information about your EC2s like availability zone, region, and instance size. Get deeper context with your custom AWS tags that are automatically converted to New Relic Server “labels."

“When we transitioned to the AWS Cloud, we needed a monitoring tool to make sure that we were getting the most out of those systems. New Relic helped us identify the best infrastructure we could use for the different services that we're building.”

Sam Parnell CTO at Bleacher Report

“New Relic is great for monitoring AWS instances because it lets us know when the servers are overloaded or when they’re not being used heavily enough, so that we can take them away and help save money.”

Will Jordan Software Engineer at Code.org

“At TapJoy, we run a lot of servers inside of AWS and we've been able to constantly reduce our infrastructure thanks to the information we're getting from New Relic APM. That's able to save us hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.”

Weston Jossey Head of Operations at TapJoy

“With New Relic, we can easily view server and browser performance, and identify any performance hot spots within the AWS environment.”

Wilken Rivera Software Engineer at Condé Nast Entertainment

“The benefit of using New Relic with AWS is that you have the flexibility to manage your servers yourself. With New Relic, we can keep a constant eye on making sure our servers stay online and services don't go down.”

Brian Norton Chief Hacker at Shoto

Start monitoring EC2 instances in minutes.

By integrating with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), the standard and secure approach for granting user permissions, the set up process is streamlined and simple.


1. Create an IAM Role

2. Paste in ARN

3. Integrate

See how it’s done.
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Gain greater context for your AWS environment and EC2 instances. See how your apps perform and migrate with confidence with New Relic for AWS.

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