Overview of Software Analytics Products

Our Software Analytics family of SaaS products delivers real-time business insights, so you can make critical decisions about your software.

  • New Relic APM

    New Relic APM

    Get code level visibility for all your production apps. We help monitor over 3 million applications across six languages - Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, and Node.js apps - and over 60 frameworks.

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  • New Relic Mobile

    New Relic Mobile

    Over 5,000 apps across 560 million devices use New Relic Mobile to see how they perform in the wild. Monitor network and app performance, app code diagnostics and mobile device profiles.

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  • New Relic Insights

    New Relic Insights

    We collect, store and present the billions of metrics your software produces to help you quickly get answers to questions about your data. Agile decision-making is now possible.

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  • New Relic Servers

    New Relic Servers

    Monitor server health to track capacity, memory or CPU consumption, and get alerts for server health issues. 650,000 happy servers under management.

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  • New Relic Browser

    New Relic Browser

    1.2 million domains use our browser monitoring to get a comprehensive overview of their browser page load times, throughput, browser transactions, JavaScript errors, and Ajax timing.

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  • New Relic Plugins

    New Relic Plugins

    Simplify visibility into your entire application stack with our open ecosystem of plugins. Get free plugins from 90+ partners to monitor...anything.

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  • New Relic Synthetics

    New Relic Synthetics

    Test your app around the world, at any frequency. Reproduce business-critical functionality. Streamline problem-solving with New Relic Synthetics’ detailed data.

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