See how you can deliver business agility and IT alignment with DevOps. Bring the benefits of agile software development to the entire business with frequent deployments combined with stable operations.

DevOps Software

Enterprise capabilities for continuous software delivery

Take two teams: software development and operations. Mix them up. Get them to collaborate and communicate all the time. They start understanding they have shared goals. They realize that sharing tools makes things go faster with fewer complications.

When your Ops folks start thinking about development and your Dev folks starting thinking about Operations, what have you got? A single team that works together with continuous development, continuous testing and continuous deployments.

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Why Do DevOps?

Companies that embrace the DevOps have more frequent deploys, which allows them to introduce new features more often in a more stable environment. The typical tension between Development and Operations is gone and everyone is more effective.

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The DevOps Software Development Lifecycle

Rather than the traditional waterfall method with software development, testing and deployment, DevOps encourages a more rapid release cycle with a continuous introduction of new features, continuous testing and continuous deployment.

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A DevOps Toolset

Tools, tools, glorious tools. One of the best things about DevOps is all the cool tools you get to use to get your job done. But there are a lot of them, so we’ve started to assemble a list of the most popular ones.

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