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New Relic

Built for Modern Software. Trusted by Modern Enterprises.

Our platform empowers developers, IT/Ops, and business leaders to transform their business using real-time data directly from production software.

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Application Performance

Complete performance visibility for all aspects of your software environment.

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Customer Experience

Know your customer’s true experience with your software.

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Business Success

Understand the stories your data is telling you about your business.

New Relic is loved and trusted by some of the world’s top companies.

Airbnb Ea Code-org Trulia Citrix Strava Zendesk Ticketfly

"New Relic is so ingrained in our process that every trouble shooting exercise we go through involves using the tool. It's part of the Zendesk fabric."

Tim Sturge, Operations Director, Zendesk

"New Relic delivers the data points we need to improve our e-commerce and warehouse operations, which will greatly improve the outcome for our customers and ultimately grow our business."

Kevin Diamond, CTO, | HauteLook

"New Relic gives us operational data that actually makes sense to people in operations. It enables us to maintain a two-way flow of information between development and operations so we can create a better product."

Nick Steel, Senior Manager of Systems Engineer,

"New Relic provides clear visibility into what's happening all day every day. It makes prioritizing our work and measuring the impact of our actions visible for the whole team."

Sam Parnell, VP of Engineering, Bleacher Report

"The bottom line is that New Relic isn’t just for developers. It’s intuitive enough to deliver value across the organization."

Alain Gaeremynck Senior Enterprise Architect and DevOps Manager, Yellow Pages Group
Trusted and Secure

Our customers are confident in New Relic to deliver their data instantly and securely. Get all the benefits of a cloud-based solution while handling sensitive data with the highest levels of compliance and integrity.

Secure Data Center
Compliance Friendly
Secure by Default
SOC 2 Audited
Continuous Monitoring
Configurable Security

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