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Monitoring Amazon EC2 with New Relic

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Through a simple web interface, you can manage and configure server instances with minimal friction, obtain and boot new server instances in minutes, and quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change.

Our EC2 integration for New Relic Infrastructure gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of your host performance and health status. 

What you can monitor with our Amazon EC2 integration

Disk Metrics

It can help you determine if unexpected changes in disk usage are due to changes made over the past day, such as new code deployments or changes in user demand.


Network Metrics

It’s important to see which instances are using the most bandwidth so you can determine if there’s a problem on one of those instances.



CPU Metrics

Narrowing down instances using the most CPU by image may help you identify the cause of the problem faster.

You need to know what’s happening in your Amazon EC2 Instances

New Relic Infrastructure combines configuration monitoring, real-time health metrics, a dynamic, tag-driven approach to alerting and dashboards, and native AWS EC2 functionality to give teams an unparalleled view of their modern infrastructure. Monitoring EC2 with New Relic gives you critical visibility into what’s happening in your core application infrastructure, and the rich suite of New Relic integrations with other applications and services means you can get a complete view of your entire environment.

Default Amazon EC2 dashboards

Quickly see all your important EC2 metrics in our pre-built dashboards.

Easily filter to a specific host and correlate with other metrics

Default HAProxy dashboard

Track all Amazon EC2 configuration changes

New Relic Infrastructure automatically scrubs your list of EC2 instances to give you an accurate view of them in real time.


General Inventory Example

Amazon EC2 performance alerts

In New Relic Infrastructure, you can view your hosts through the lens of any AWS attribute, such as role, tier, Availability Zone (AZ), and data center, or even custom EC2 tags. We did this to make it easy to narrow down your view to focus on the hosts you care about. Infrastructure “speaks” AWS EC2, so you can ask it whatever you need to know.



General Alert Example

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