New Relic Partner Program

Differentiate Your Business. Accelerate Results. Generate Revenue.

New Relic partners with industry leaders to bring its leading application performance solutions to market. By incorporating New Relic’s solutions, partners can not only benefit from an increased top line and critical product differentiation, they also experience lower support costs and a reduced mean time to resolution for application-related issues. So contact New Relic today to learn how we can enhance your business!

Cloud Infrastructure and Service Providers

Cloud infrastructure and managed service providers include New Relic’s functionality in their offering to provide monitoring capabilities to their customer base. Partner APIs are available to qualified partners to integrate New Relic services into their platforms.

Platform Partners

Platform partners use New Relic’s diverse APIs to extend and enhance their own products. Partners may choose to store and visualize metrics inside New Relic’s interface, consume New Relic’s metrics and notifications in their own products, or build something brand new by combining New Relic’s free APIs with their own capabilities.

Enterprise Integrators

As trusted advisors to their clients, Enterprise Integrators incorporate New Relic into their client's projects and offer New Relic based professional services and consulting as part of their practice. Partners in this category offer mobile and web application development, performance assurance, IT consulting and application management services. Learn more.

  • Automattic Brightbox
  • Zapier
  • Acquia Circonus
  • SOASTA Parse
  • Appcelerator
  • ActiveState Amazon Web Services
  • AppHarbor
  • AppDirect AppFirst
  • Neustar 8 Bit Galaxy
  • AppFog BlazeMeter
  • Byte
  • Blue Box Group BoxIntense
  • BLITZ CF Engine
  • El El See ServerCentral
  • SK Telecom Single Stone Consulting
  • Bulletproof Networks Cedexis
  • Yireo
  • Lucent Sky Datapipe
  • Docker Lagrange Systems
  • Cloud Control
  • Engine Yard Geckoboard
  • Ducksboard
  • GoGrid Heroku
  • DigitalFyre
  • HP Cloud Services Joyent
  • Microsoft Azure Evanios
  • Strategery Nexcess
  • Leftronic Locaweb
  • Auth0
  • Loggly Network Redux
  • PagerDuty ScienceLogic
  • Cumulus Networks
  • Takipi BigPanda
  • Logentries Nouvola
  • Prime Services
  • Palomino Labs Know Normal
  • reInteractive elastera
  • OpenLogic OpenMinds
  • OpenShift
  • OpsGenie ProxiBlue
  • MaxCDN Cloud Provider
  • Frontleaf Dedalus
  • Okta OneLogin
  • PHP Fog Hall
  • Ping Identity
  • Rails Machine Railsware
  • Rackspace RightScale
  • Squixa Zyrion
  • Standing Cloud
  • Solano Labs theCloud
  • Pantheon DriveDev
  • Tier3
  • VMFarms Wirehive
  • W3 EDGE W3 Total Cache
  • Spark::red Cooper Engineering
  • CloudCheckr
  • SendGrid
  • Datadog
  • Dotcom-Monitor EnterpriseDB
  • Pivotal
  • MongoHQ Twilio
  • ICE Systems GOVonomy
  • Nginx Varnish
  • xMatters
  • Basho Newvem
  • Qbaka Fluke Networks
  • Advanced REI Cloudscaling
  • Just the Facts
  • Typesafe VoltDB
  • Bitium Garantiadata
  • IPSense Ninefold
  • AIMS Innovation
  • MemCachier Redis Labs
  • Terracotta Red Hat
  • VictorOps Produban
  • Ninefold Cloudticity
  • Lyracons Loader
  • Tidemark Runscope
  • Aditi KiPoint
  • Lochbridge Terrace Software
  • Apica Segment
  • Nova Ordis
  • MongoLab Flexiant
  • Acquia Parse
  • Appcelerator
  • ActiveState Amazon Web Services
  • AppHarbor
  • AppDirect AppFog
  • Cloud Control
  • CloudBees Engine Yard
  • OpenShift
  • Microsoft Azure Automattic
  • Cloud Provider
  • Heroku Railsware
  • elastera Flexiant
  • Squixa Pivotal
  • Prime Services
  • ScienceLogic VoltDB
  • OpenLogic Pantheon
  • Tier3
  • PHP Fog RightScale
  • Standing Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services Bulletproof Networks
  • Brightbox Cloudscaling
  • Byte
  • Blue Box Group BoxIntense
  • DigitalFyre
  • Datapipe GoGrid
  • HP Cloud Services
  • Joyent Locaweb
  • Network Redux
  • OpenMinds ServerCentral
  • Rails Machine
  • Rackspace theCloud
  • Tier3
  • VMFarms Wirehive
  • Spark::red
  • GOVonomy Aditi
  • Lochbridge Terrace Software
  • Nova Ordis
  • Datapipe 8k Miles
  • Cloudticity 2nd Watch
  • Dedalus Bulletproof
  • AppFirst Cedexis
  • Ducksboard
  • BLITZ Geckoboard
  • Auth0 CF Engine
  • BlazeMeter PagerDuty
  • PROXIBLUE ScienceLogic
  • Neustar Zyrion
  • SumoLogic 8 Bit Galaxy
  • Leftronic Loggly
  • Okta OneLogin
  • Ping Identity
  • Railsware SOASTA
  • Zapier Hall
  • Cumulus Networks
  • RightScale Solano Labs
  • OpsGenie Circonus
  • Takipi
  • Palomino Labs Know Normal
  • W3 EDGE MaxCDN
  • Frontleaf Evanios
  • SendGrid
  • Pivotal EnterpriseDB
  • MongoHQ Twilio
  • ICE Systems
  • Nginx Varnish
  • Basho Newvem
  • Qbaka Fluke Networks
  • Cooper Engineering
  • Dotcom-Monitor
  • Advanced REI VoltDB
  • Bitium Garantiadata
  • AIMS Innovation
  • MemCachier Redis Labs
  • Terracotta Red Hat
  • VictorOps Produban
  • Tidemark Runscope
  • BigPanda
  • Apica Segment
  • MongoLab Flexiant

Why Partner With New Relic?

New Relic Helps You Deliver Results Fast

When there’s a problem, you’ll spot it immediately, and with a SaaS model that eliminates slow time-to value and the costs inherent in traditional options

  • Partner tools and APIs to quickly create, deploy and manage your customer accounts
  • Pinpoint and fix problems fast with real-time with end-to-end insight into application performance
  • The flexibility and control to have both your customers and your team access the same critical data from any browser, any time
New Relic Helps You Improve Your Bottom Line

The business terms to make money with New Relic

  • Earn revenue share or free usage of New Relic Pro
  • Lower support costs by giving customers the ability to troubleshoot their application issues
  • Volume discounts to increase margins as you grow
  • Flexible contract terms to make it easy to add New Relic to your offering
  • Tools to easily track consumption across your customer base
New Relic Helps You Be Successful

We’ll provide the tools you need to promote and sell New Relic

  • Associate your brand with the market leader
  • Ready-to-use marketing materials to drive demand
  • Webinars, training and other technical resources available

Program Features


Cloud Infrastructure & Service Providers

Platform Partners

Enterprise Integrators

Basic Premium
Custom sign-up page to instantly create new accounts 3 3 3 3
Holistic sortable view of all your client accounts and apps 3 3 3 3
Automated weekly performance reports 3 3 3 3
Logo sharing and support for brand awareness efforts 3 3 3 3
Free, unlimited use of New Relic Standard for all your customers 3 3*
Earn revenue share for your customers who purchase 3 3* 3*
Dedicated sales support and account management 3
Custom campaigns with co-branded marketing and sales materials 3
Accelerated pricing schedule 3
Access to Partner APIs for account management, agent deployment and billing 3 3
*for qualified partners

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