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New Relic Insights is a real-time analytics platform that allows you to make fast and informed decisions about your software, customers, and business.

Making Data-Driven Possible

Until now, access to data has been complicated, time-consuming, and costly. New Relic Insights is designed to make collecting valuable business data simple. We use intelligent agents that collect data in real-time, making it easier to query at the same speed (real-time). Then your data is stored in our super-cluster, and you use a beautiful, intuitive user experience to easily slice and dice it all.

Metrics Moving at the Speed of Now

In the last week, New Relic Insights has collected 605 Billion events and queried 232 Trillion events with a median response time of 9 milliseconds.

In just the last minute, 15.5 Billion events have been queried and 75.1 Million events collected, up 2.34% since this time last week.

This data brought to you in real-time by New Relic Insights.

What our customers are saying

Billions of Your Business Metrics on Demand

Before New Relic Insights, it was impossible to collect, store, and present all your software, business, and customer data in real time. Not anymore. Using auto-instrumentation, New Relic’s intelligent agents collect data directly from your production software and then store that data in a lightning-fast and queriable database. Now, you can ask more questions, get faster answers, and make better decisions.

We collect billions of metrics and events

Painlessly collect operational and business metrics directly from production software using our intelligent language agents.

Scale Large
We store trillions of metrics and events in our cloud

Scale easily and cost effectively sending unstructured data to our cloud-hosted database. Add custom attributes to make your data more powerful.

We present and analyze trillions of metrics and events in a beautiful experience

Ad-hoc query real-time data, in milliseconds using our SQL like language, NRQL.

Visualization & Analysis

Our dashboarding tool comes with a variety of ways to provide meaningful visualizations on top of your event data. Based on the kind of query you run in New Relic Insights, we suggest the appropriate graphs and visualizations that best suit your analysis. By making minor adjustments to your queries, you can explore all of the different ways to present your data.

Basic Graphs and Analysis

Basic-gauge Basic-billboard Basic-compare-lines Basic-pie-chart Basic-bar-chart Basic-area-chart Basic-table

New Relic Insights provides beautiful visualizations for creating line, bar, and pie charts for your data analysis. These charting capabilities give you the initial tools necessary to create useful overview and aggregate dashboards that visualize the data you have in New Relic Insights.

Advanced Functions and Visualizations

Advanced-histogram Advanced-funnel Advanced-cohorts Advanced-segments

New Relic Insights also provides more advanced querying and visualization functions for specific use cases.. We provide funnel analysis, cohort-based segmentation, and advanced segmentation capabilities to allow you to dive deeper into the data and created more detailed analyses on your dashboards.

Data is only as valuable as the questions you can ask it

New Relic Insights gives you the power to ask increasingly complex questions of your real-time business data and get answers immediately. The only limitation? Your imagination.

  • “How many customers do we have in China?”
  • “Which are our most popular features in China?”
  • “How many leads did we get from China last week?”
  • “What was our average daily revenue in China last month?”
  • SELECT uniqueCount (customerID) FROM PageView WHERE countryCode = 'CN'
  • SELECT uniqueCount ( customerID ) FROM PageView WHERE countryCode = 'CN' FACET featureName
  • SELECT histogram (leadCount) FROM PageView WHERE CountryCode = 'CN' AND leadCreatedDate LIKE 'March%' SINCE 1 week AGO
  • SELECT average (revenue) FROM PageView WHERE countryCode = 'CN' TIMESERIES 1 day SINCE 1 month AGO
Trusted and Secure

Our customers are confident in New Relic to deliver their data instantly and securely. Get all the benefits of a cloud-based solution while handling sensitive data with the highest levels of compliance and integrity.

  • Secure Data Center
  • Compliance Friendly
  • Secure by Default
  • SOC 2 Audited
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Configurable Security

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