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laptop Web App Monitoring

Transaction Tracing +

Get a performance breakdown of each web transaction at the code level.


Drilldown to get SQL details and stack traces

Histograms & Percentiles
Transaction Tracing +

Drill down into a transaction trace on a distributed tier.


New Relic automatically maps each tier, so you can easily visualize the relationship between tiers.

Key Transactions
Track your most critical business transactions

Some transactions are more important to your business than others. Use Key Transactions to monitor, manage and track these critical transactions independent of the overall application. Key Transactions users set transaction level alerting thresholds and access transaction specific dashboards, topology maps, and SLA reports.

  • Key Transactions +

    Transaction level Apdex scoring and alert thresholds.


    Track business critical transactions across all monitored apps.

  • Key Transactions +

    Transaction specific dashboard with one click access to transaction traces and error details.

  • Key Transactions +

    Know how individual transactions are performing compared to your business and service level requirements.

Alert Policies
Alerting made easy

New Relic lets you easily create Alert Policies to set thresholds for groups of applications with similar alerting needs. Manage your application policies alert channels by creating specified user groups or leverage New Relics integrated channels such as HipChat, Jira, PagerDuty, and Campfire. All in one unified dashboard. Only concerned about getting downtime alerts? No problem. You can simply allocate the right channels for your downtime-only alerts with just one click. It’s a cinch.

  • Alert Policies
  • Alert Policies

laptop Mobile App Monitoring

Web Service Requests and Error Details
Deep visibility into web service end-points.
the shadow knows
Top HTTP Requests Top 5 HTTP Domains +

Top web service requests grouped by domain.


Top domains by error rates.

Top 5 HTTP Response Time +

Top domains by response time and throughput.

HTTP Response Status Errors HTTP Response Status Errors +

Errors are just as bad as crashes. Filter and drill down into specific errors to isolate problems fast.


Errors breakdown by type and host.

Device Type, Carrier, and App Version Analysis
Fine tune your app with mobile performance analytics
Devices +

See how your app performs on different devices in the highly diverse mobile ecosystem.

Carriers +

Find out how your app performs on various carriers and connection types.

App Version +

See data for all versions or choose any single version of your app.

Mobile & Web Working Together
Easily cross-trace across web and mobile transactions

Our single-view SaaS platform delivers unified visibility across mobile apps, back-end services and web apps. Monitor how your mobile apps are talking to your web services, and dig deep to pinpoint problems – all in a single and familiar UI for fast diagnosis of issues in today’s highly distributed mobile and web app architectures.

Web and Mobile +

Start from inside your mobile app view on the HTTP requests screen.


See the name of the web server that your app is talking to (if this is also being monitored by New Relic).


"App Server Drill-down" will take you directly to the web server view, looking at this transaction's details.

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