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Get your apps in focus

Bring Your Apps Into Focus with New Relic & Microsoft Azure

Your days of needing to view multiple management consoles to monitor your app performance are over. New Relic is now integrated into Microsoft Azure, giving you instant visibility into web and mobile apps. Even better, through our partnership, you get New Relic Standard free of charge! Get started today!

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Know exactly how your apps are performing.

In 5 minutes, deploy New Relic and you suddenly see...everything.


Know your true application end to end response time: From the browser through the app stack and back.


Quickly see how each backend component is affecting app server response time.


Time to add another node? New Relic shows you how throughput affects response time.


We automatically list your app's 5 most critical web transactions based on throughput and performance.

Think Software Analytics

Our platform empowers developers, IT/Ops, and business leaders to transform their business using real-time data directly from production software.

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Application Performance

Complete performance visibility for all aspects of your software environment.

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Customer Experience

Know your customer’s true experience with your software.

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Business Success

Understand the stories your data is telling you about your business.

Deploy on Azure and Instantly See Results. In Azure.

New Relic is available directly in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
Deploy as you create Azure Infrastructure. Monitor with Azure.

Azure Marketplace listing

Microsoft Azure Marketplace
One environment to deploy virtual machines and websites. Include New Relic for automated deployment.

Azure Marketplace data

Monitor the Health of Azure and Your Applications
From within Microsoft’s portal, not only manage your Azure subscriptions — manage your application's response time and error rate within the same Azure journey.

Learn More About New Relic & Microsoft Azure

Check out these super helpful case studies, product features, videos and customer testimonials.

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Quickly build new plugins to support unique stack environments

Nick Floyd talks about New Relic in the Azure Store & takes part in a panel discussion on enterprise adoption of cloud technologies

New Relic & Microsoft Azure

New Relic Standard Is Free For All Azure Customers

Monitor web apps within Microsoft Azure

Life gets easier when you pair Microsoft Azure & New Relic. Now you can manage & diagnose all of your apps in one place. It's like bifocals for your code, but much cooler.

Faster performance

Lots of users (Hooray!)? Things slowing down? New Relic will tell you and Microsoft Azure will deliver the insight you need to keep things running quickly and efficiently.

Proactive issue management

See application issues before users even notice. Remediate them quickly with Visual Studio and then roll out the updates like lightning to Microsoft Azure.


Simplified user access

Enable single sign-on with New Relic and Azure Active Directory to manage users and groups and help secure access. Users can launch New Relic from their Access Panel using their company credentials. Learn more


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