New Relic APM

Constantly monitoring your applications so you don’t have to.

New Relic’s SaaS-based Application Performance Monitoring helps you build, deploy, and maintain great web software.

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Spend more time building great software and less time fighting it.

New Relic APM surfaces issues you cannot see coming, helping your team reduce resolution times so they can focus on writing new code, not troubleshooting it.

  • End-to-end transaction tracing Follow the performance of a critical transaction across your entire service-oriented application environment.
  • Code-level visibility Drill down to see the performance impact of specific code segments and SQL statements.
  • Key transactions Flag your most critical transactions to quickly spot when things like response times, call counts, or error rates perform poorly.
  • X-ray sessions Gain deeper insight into a key transaction's performance by showing transaction traces alongside long-running profiler results.

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We chose New Relic based on the features available, its ease of installation and its quick results. Mikkel Svane CEO Zendesk

Feature rollouts, traffic spikes, whatever they throw at you - take it all in stride.

What’s bottlenecking performance? The app? The CPU? The database? New Relic APM allows Development and Ops teams see every aspect of an application’s environment in real-time.

  • Alerting Let the right people know when critical issues arise using alert policies to send email or push notifications. Integrate with PagerDuty, Campfire, HipChat, or use webhooks.
  • Application topology map A clear picture of your application's relationships to other services and the influence of each service on the others. If one service fails, you can see at a glance which other services are affected.
  • SLA/Availability reporting Better understand where application performance is heading using the following operational reports: SLA, Availability, Scalability, Capacity, and Deployments Dashboard.
  • Always secure New Relic is committed to helping customers make their applications fast and secure. We take protecting our customers' data seriously, here's an overview of how we do it.

Navigating DevOps: Why It Matters to Your Business (PDF)

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One comprehensive tool. For every app. In any environment.

Built for modern applications to support the way DevOps teams work, New Relic APM is designed with the flexibility to monitor apps in any language, on any hosting configuration, and across any configuration of backend or 3rd party services. Integrate in minutes, and get access to your application performance data immediately.

Understand your customer’s experience as it happens.

How is the performance of your application’s critical features affecting the experience of your customers? New Relic APM delivers easy-to-understand, intuitive, and actionable data. You get deep visibility into server side code, database calls, and third party APIs - then tie in New Relic Browser to see client side performance.

Apdex user satisfaction scoring
A simplified SLA solution, Apdex measures the ratio of satisfactory response times to unsatisfactory response times and provides a score that gives you better insight into how satisfied users are.

NIKE logo We chose New Relic based on the features available, its ease of installation and its quick results. Kevin Bartholomew Web Production Support Manager at Nike
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We’re serious about security.

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Built to Scale

Every account is built to scale and tailored to support any application environment no matter how large or complex. See how New Relic can help shape your business with the power or real-time data.

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As a SaaS offering, new releases arrive automatically while applications continue to run. The New Relic agent self-provisions in minutes and scales easily to meet evolving needs.
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From a user's swipe to the back-end services powering your apps, New Relic APM provides a centralized solution where development, operations, and leadership teams have real-time visibility into the health of your mobile apps.

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