New Relic’s Transaction Traces?

Transaction Traces provide deep visibility into the root cause of application performance issues

Transaction Traces provide real-time solutions for real-world problems

Sometimes you need detailed visibility into transaction details to find out why your app is slower than it’s supposed to be. New Relic’s Transaction Traces offer you just that, arming you with granular enterprise-level diagnostics down to the method or SQL call. We save you time because you no longer need to dig through log files and can quickly identify the problem.

How does it work?

Each minute, Transaction Traces collect data for your slowest individual requests, giving you code-level visibility. If a transaction is taking longer than a configurable time period, New Relic captures the exact invocation pattern and details related to that particular invocation, including things as specific as the exact method calls and SQL statements that were issued. Once all the data is collected, you can view each segment in your Transaction Trace Summary tab or get a line-by-line analysis in the Transaction Trace Details.

  • Identify the root cause of production performance problems
  • See traces sorted by response times, starting with the slowest ones
  • Track trace details for transactions that exceed your defined thresholds
  • Capture exact invocation patterns and details related to that invocation

Transaction Tracing

Load time breakdown by page

Load time breakdown

Transaction performance breakdown by component

Transaction performance breakdown

Performance Summary, trace details, SQL details

Performance Summary

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