New Relic’s Thread Profiler

The Thread Profiler is a low-impact profiling tool used to identify app bottlenecks in your production environments

“New Relic is a game changer. It’s a tool that IT operations and Engineering desperately needed to quickly pinpoint issues and root cause(s).”

Jason Wainwright
IT Staff, GameStop

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Thread Profiler comes in handy!

New Relic increases your visibility and gives you the granular information you need to improve app performance. One way we do this is by surfacing your app’s most significant performance data. For example, to keep you optimized at a high-level, we show you things like Transaction Traces, database query performance and real-user response times. Sometimes however, you need to dive even deeper to diagnose complex production performance problems.

For those times when you need deeper visibility, the Thread Profiler is here to help. The Thread Profiler can do this because the New Relic agent provides a low-overhead sampling profiler that collects call graphs for running production apps. These can be triggered on-demand from the New Relic UI.

  • Find the root cause of performance bottlenecks in-production.
  • Capture stack traces during specified durations.
  • View aggregated stack traces in a call tree.
  • Monitor the number of times functions were present under the same stack trace context.

Thread Profiler

JVM memory stats

JVM memory stats

Tree memory stats


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