MySQL performance

Wordpress plugins and themes may be abusing your mySQL database. You can pinpoint which ones are causing problems by looking at the slow SQL in New Relic. For example, you may see that selects on wp_terms, which are used for categories and tags, may be eating up 20% of your total database time. Or, you might notice slow INSERT statements that may be improved with a well-placed index or a refined query.


New Relic uses Apdex scoring to help you evaluate how well your Wordpress application is performing for your end-users according to an industry-standard measurement. This helps you provide better data for troubleshooting, and gain a clearer understanding of what percentage of your users are frustrated or satisfied. Apdex scoring also provides more specific context than a general “the site is slow” complaint that may not even get to you until hours after the incident. Apdex also gives you a more objective way to measure how well your performance improvements are being felt by your actual users.

Third-party services and APIs

Using social media plugins, monitoring plugins, and other cool widgets is very easy in Wordpress, but it may not be immediately obvious how those third-party dependencies are affecting your blog or marketing site. New Relic enables you to see external service calls “rolled up” for a more holistic view, and you can also monitor the response times from those third parties in each of the web transactions New Relic captures.

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