As an ecommerce site developer, you understand the importance of performance for your online store. After all, a slow page or negative user experience might mean that your potential customers drop out of the funnel before they even get to the checkout page!

Key transactions

You have certain operations on your ecommerce site that are very important to you. These could be things like: add to cart, checkout, or payment processing. Obviously, these types of web transactions need to run quickly and reliably. You can use New Relic to mark such operations as key transactions, and your key transactions can serve as triggers for custom alerting.

Database queries

Magento is a wonderful platform for ecommerce. However, its flexible templating system can sometimes translate into lots of recursive rendering which can mean a lot of database calls. New Relic can help you observe where the slowest queries are occurring.

App Map

Popular ecommerce sites built around Magento can be complex animals. New Relic’s “app map” helps provide you with a clear view of the application dependencies your Magento site has, as well as third-party Magento extensions and external services. The app map will give you a quick view of the “weakest link” in your application chain, even if those dependencies are not systems that you manage.

Apdex scoring and Alerting

New Relic uses Apdex scoring to help you evaluate how well your Magento application is performing for your end users according to an industry-standard measurement. In combination with alerting, Apdex slumping will notify you when your website performance is being challenged due to a flash sale, coupon deal, or other web event that your marketing department may not have warned you about.

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