Restify is a module purpose-built to create REST web services in Node.js. Restify makes lots of the hard problems of building such a service (like versioning, error handling and content-negotiation) easier.

Restify Router Introspection

The Restify framework map routes to handlers using a set of patterns that New Relic is ready for, out of the box.

Our agent is able to read Restify routing in basic mode in which HTTP verbs are used with a parameterized resource to determine the handler chain to run. New Relic will differentiate GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE with each instrumented route name. Our agent also supports regex’d routes in Restify and will differentiate between those and basic routes.

mySQL and NoSQL datastore support

Our Node.js agent tracks time spent in database calls to mySQL from your application. It also captures calls from your Node.js application into popular noSQL datastores like Redis and MongoDB. This allows you to identify possible bottlenecks in your application when reading, writing, or updating records.

Cross-platform support

The New Relic Node.js agent doesn't rely on any operating specific native dependencies, so it can run anywhere Node.js can run, including Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, Azure, and SmartOS.

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