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Monitoring NGINX with New Relic Infrastructure

NGINX (“engine X”) is a web server which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy, and HTTP cache. Web servers are typically one of the first layers in your production environment and a critical component to deliver an excellent user experience to your customers. NGINX is known for its high performance, but what if something goes wrong? It’s vital you have the right monitoring in place.

What you can monitor with our NGINX integration

Requests per second

How much traffic is your web server handling? This metric shows you how many requests are being handled by NGINX.

Active connections

Each client will create a new TCP connection and send an HTTP(s) request. This metric measures the amount of TCP connections that are currently active.

Dropped connections

Keep an eye on this metric to see when NGINX is unable to handle incoming connections—this can happen when the server is overloaded.

You need to know what’s happening in your NGINX servers

Whether you’re running a NGINX Open Source or NGINX Plus server, we can help you quickly understand how everything is performing. When are NGINX connections dropping? Are request rates increasing? What is the resource drain from our web server? You can know the answers to these questions and more—and you can respond before any issues impact your customer experience and business.

See your NGINX metrics in pre-built dashboards

Visualize all your data, easily filter to a specific host, and correlate with other performance metrics.

Default NGINX dashboards

Track all NGINX configuration changes

Understand configuration differences across your stack and quantify how configuration changes impact performance.

Track all NGINX configuration changes

Know immediately when your performance is degrading

You can set up and receive alerts for any of the metrics captured, and stay on top of your NGINX performance.

NGINX performance alerts

Ready to get started?

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