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Monitoring Amazon Elasticsearch with New Relic Infrastructure

Amazon Elasticsearch enables the management of semi-structured data, letting you search and analyse your data in near real time. It also plays well with other tools, such as Kibana and Logstash. Access to this information is crucial for building successful products, so it's important that you carefully monitor your AWS Elasticsearch installation.

What you can monitor with our Amazon Elasticsearch integration

Cluster’s health status

Make sure you are aware if your Cluster’s primary shards and its replicas are allocated to a node.


Free storage space

Do you know if all the nodes have enough free space? With this metric you can monitor if a node is running out of space.


Minimum nodes

Monitor the amount of nodes in your cluster to be alerted when the minimum amount of nodes is the correct.

You need to know what’s happening in your Amazon Elasticsearch installation

It's important to be aware of the state of your Elasticsearch installation. A problem in a cluster or its nodes, like running out of storage space, could cause major problems with your implementation. With the help of our tools, you can gather all your relevant metrics and check them at a glance.

Default Elasticsearch dashboards

Quickly see all your important Elasticsearch metrics in our pre-built dashboards.

Easily filter to a specific host and correlate with other metrics

Default NGINX dashboards

Track all AWS Elasticsearch configuration changes

Understand configuration differences across your stack and quantify how configuration changes impact performance.

Track all NGINX configuration changes

Amazon Elasticsearch performance alerts

Get alerts when your Amazon Elasticsearch performance is degrading. You can manually set an alert on any of the metrics captured. For example, set an alert when the number of requests per second drops to zero.

NGINX performance alerts

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