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Monitoring AWS ECS with New Relic

ECS is the AWS Docker container service that handles the orchestration and provisioning of Docker containers. ECS allows you to automate the deployment and scheduling of containers without having to install and operate your own container orchestration and cluster management software. It works by automatically deploying containers in EC2 hosts running in a customer’s VPC. ECS consists of multiple built-in components that enable administrators to create clusters, tasks and services.


What you can monitor with our AWS ECS/ECR monitoring integration

CPU and memory

Keep an eye on how many resources you're currently using, and how many you have on reserve.

Task execution

Track your pending and running tasks by cluster, and see how many services are active.



Container registry

Know how many instances are currently registered to your cluster.

You need to know what’s happening in Amazon’s Elastic Container Service

For customers running Amazon’s EC2 Container Service and Registry, New Relic provides visibility into the performance, capacity, and utilization of the ECS cluster. In addition, users can take advantage of the native features in New Relic Infrastructure to monitor software inventory and configuration changes for each active image.

Default AWS ECS dashboards

Quickly see all your important EC2 Container Service metrics in our pre-built dashboards.

Default HAProxy dashboard

Track all ECS configuration changes

Get an overview of ECS configuration, identify inconsistencies and quantify how configuration changes impact performance.

General Inventory Example

AWS ECS performance alerts

Get alerts when your AWS ECS performance is degrading. You can manually set an alert on any of the metrics captured, such as rejected connections or errors.




General Alert Example

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