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Get the full picture with Go monitoring.

Troubleshoot and solve application performance issues in your complex, highly concurrent Go services.

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Go monitoring. Go performance. Go big.

New Relic’s Go agent gives you production-level visibility for your Go services.

  • See the datastore calls and external services your application is accessing
  • Isolate operations that may be causing bottlenecks in responses
  • Use deployment markers to see changes in app performance and runtime behavior between deploys
  • Write custom events and build custom dashboards with New Relic Insights

Easily monitor the health of your entire Go runtime environment.

See how your Go applications are performing with full context.

  • Track goroutine counts over time in the Go runtime dashboard
  • Identify possible Goroutine leaks and narrow down concurrency issues
  • Troubleshoot issues using system metrics such as garbage collector information and memory usage
New Relic APM Golang Monitoring Dashboard

View detailed Go application metrics directly in your New Relic APM dashboard.

  • Transaction error events

  • Custom metric collection

  • Time spent in external services and database queries

Getting started with Go monitoring is easy.
  • Step 1: Sign up for New Relic APM Get up and running in minutes. Create your free account.
  • Step 2: Install the New Relic agent Check out our documentation for step-by-step guidance.
  • Step 3: Compile and deploy your application Check out additional instrumentation, and start digging into your Go performance data!
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