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We've helped thousands of companies navigate the complex world of analytics and power up their business. Here's how we do it.

Reactive Application Performance
The Path Ahead

Easily identify errors. Streamline friction points. Keep your app humming.

Proactive Performance Management
The Breaking Point

Set up alerts and run automated scripts. Stay ahead of issues before they become avalanches.

Customer Experience Management
The Customer Outlook

Benchmark, analyze, prioritize. Understand your performance from the user perspective.

Data-Driven Software Business
The Ultimate Observatory

Give your entire org access to relevant data and connect software metrics with your bottom-line.

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"New Relic has been instrumental in executing our vision for the business. Because we can now quantify the impact our technology is having on our user experience, it has allowed us to be very prescriptive in our efforts to scale."

John Macilwaine, Chief Technology Officer, Lending Club

Roadside assistance for the journey ahead

Migrating to the cloud? Investing in DevOps? Building with micro-services? Whatever your current goals, New Relic gives you the tools you need to succeed for the long haul.

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Customer Success Management

Every step of the way, our dedicated team is here to help you use the full array of New Relic capabilities.

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Education & Training

Tutorials, tools, and training specialists. Our extensive resource library is at your disposal and can be accessed by all levels of users.

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Technical Support

24/7/365 access to technical support. Get answers to all your burning questions from the people that know New Relic best.

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