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Insights Fundamentals

New Relic collects and displays lots of data. We provide many robust views and tools to help customers understand their software and their business. Given the depth and breadth of our offering, how do our users stand a chance at understanding all the things that they can do with New Relic, let alone how to do them?

New Relic Insights is our real-time, cloud-based analytics platform that collects, stores, and transforms data into actionable information about your customers, applications, and business. New Relic Insights opens up countless possibilities for exploring your data in real time, without needing developer resources, allowing you to make faster, more informed decisions.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Use the Data Explorer

  • Use New Relic Query Language (NRQL)

  • Create Dashboards

  • Use the Insights API

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