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New Relic APM Deployment Guide

Thanks for choosing New Relic Application Performance Monitoring. For an easier set-up—and to keep moving forward—use this guide to help increase your APM IQ.

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Inventory your apps.

Determine what are they, who's in charge of them, and which technologies they use.

Next, identify three key components of your stack: operating system, application server and version, and language and version.

Check compatibility. We strive to monitor everything, but sometimes we miss something. That’s where plugins come in.

Organize your users.

Setting up an organized account now will save you hours of work later. More importantly, it'll allow you to scale APM to support your team and organization.

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Install the agent.

Identify your initial local or testing environment (if any) and deploy those agents so they can start collecting data.

Deploy to production.

Once you have New Relic deployed, you’re ready to go to Production.

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Self-serve guides

Guided instruction

We regularly host webcasts for beginners and power users alike. Learn from NRU instructors and get your questions answered in a real-time chat.

Engage the community

Connect with other New Relic users online or in-person. Get answers, share tips/tricks, and get recognized for your involvement.

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