Mobile Application Management

Insight into end-to-end user experience and native app performance.

New Relic’s Mobile Application Performance Management (m-APM) solutions give your entire organization real-time, end-to-end performance visibility into the fragmented ecosystems in which your apps are operating.


Better mobile application performance.

Mobile apps have the power to bring customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage to all modern businesses. With a massive end user shift towards mobile, delivering phenomenal mobile-first experiences are critical to establishing this advantage and differentiating your place in the market. To get five-star ratings and rave reviews, you will need more than a simple feedback loop of product/user input and user testing—you need a full-fledged mobile application performance monitoring (m-APM) solution.

Why m-APM?

  • Be proactive with end-to-end full stack visibility.
  • A centralized solution bringing your entire team insight all the way from the device to backend services and infrastructure.
  • Significantly reduce resolution times by tracing user interactions down to the line of code.
  • Real-time visibility into end-user experience.

See the whole picture with New Relic.

The right level of visibility is key to solving critical problems quickly, and proactively keeping hard-to-please end users happy. With New Relic, application teams, developers, IT operations, and business stakeholders can monitor mobile app performance from end-to-end in real time.

Our solution was built to address the needs of today’s mobile apps, which operate in highly complex ecosystems, where multiple external factors influence performance.

You can monitor performance across:

  • Backend and third-party web services
  • Device Type
  • Provider/Carrier
  • Operating system
  • App Version


A complete picture of mobile performance.

Most well-developed apps today crash about 1% of the time – but it’s important to understand what happens during the other 99%. To delight your customers, it’s not enough to have only user testing and crash reporting data.

New Relic let's you dig much deeper into the root cause issues affecting your app's performance in production environments. Understand network errors and failures, detect problematic app versions, and deliver optimal user experiences across all your apps.

New Relic APM + New Relic Mobile = m-APM

  • Use our platform to get true end-to-end visibility across the full stack of your mobile apps.
  • Significantly reduce MTTR for hard-to-reproduce problems.
  • Dig into device, operating system, and app version data to see which ones are most popular, and if performance on these is the best it can be.
  • Trace different user interactions to understand where the most amount of time is consumed in your app (database, memory, network?). Target slow performing interactions and optimize them.

IT / Ops

What happens in production?

No matter how great the code, your mobile apps will always end up running into problems when out in the wild. Ops teams usually have more challenges when it comes to dealing with mobile apps than web apps. Complex ecosystem factors like network coverage and latency go beyond the team’s control.

New Relic solves this limited visibility problem by providing insight into all possible problem areas. We help you reduce not just infrastructure or app downtime, but business downtime itself.

  • Pinpoint which version of the app running on which device resulted in a downtime, in real-time.
  • Get access to data that helps you understand what the key challenges are and prioritize accordingly. Is it a problem with too much data being transferred or is it a network latency issue?
  • Own a central solution that gives you insight into the full stack.

Business Leader

Think big, act mobile first.

Mobile is now an integral part of any modern business strategy, whether it’s for brand recognition, revenue generation, or customer engagement. To ensure customer delight and product success, app performance excellence is of prime importance. Importantly, app performance data must be accessible to more than just your dev and ops departments.

With New Relic, business leaders have visibility into end users app experiences, from how the app is performing at the individual device and operating system level to aggregate, global views of adoption and interactions. Your data is beautifully visualized and easy to explore and digest.

  • Solve problems faster by pinpointing problem sources like a carrier, device, region, app version or operating system.
  • Empower cross-functional application teams to understand what services are affecting application performance.
  • Make more informed product roadmap decisions by evaluating app engagement/adoption across the cohorts listed above.
  • Get ahead of user complaints by spotting performance issues proactively.

"Just being able to pop open that dashboard and see what's going on with our site immediately, puts me at a ten in terms of my passion about New Relic and our need for this service."

Sam Parnell, CTO at Bleacher Report
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