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See how much you can save during your cloud migration

New Relic can help cut acceptance testing times in half and reduce migrations costs by up to 16%. Start now to see your personalized savings estimate.

Share a few details about your environment and resources

Virtual Machines to Migrate (Target) How many virtual machines and/or applications you'll be migrating from on-premise to cloud infrastructure.

Storage (Terabytes) Minimum value input must be at least 1 TB.

Migration Headcount The number of people working on your migration project.

Total Migration Time (Weeks) An estimate of how long it will take to complete your migration.

NOTE: This calculator assumes a 32 Core, 256Gb Memory environment. Actual savings may vary.

Your initial estimated savings

$0 and 0 weeks


Savings from reduced engineering costs

Savings from faster data center decommissioning

Incremental savings as a result of a faster migration

And this is just the beginning

Instrumenting everything with New Relic gives you ongoing savings as you run and optimize your cloud usage.

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