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Planning for Cloud Adoption

Here are three key ways you can get prepared for the move.

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Baseline your application performance

Determine which on-prem apps are candidates for migration, then establish their current performance as a baseline. With a complete KPI model as your benchmark data, you can then set targets for their eventual cloud-based performance. And as you gather metrics during and after the migration, you have a full dataset to measure and optimize against. 

Some example KPIs you can track in New Relic APM include Availability percentage, Average Duration, Page Load Time, Throughput, Web transaction time, CPU percentage, Average Load, Memory Used Percentage, Response Time, and Apdex.

New Relic APM

Inventory and identify any application dependencies

You need to ensure your application and service architecture is fully scoped for migration. When you can see and understand every one of the connections in your environment, including databases and external services, you’ll be able to reduce the possibility of missing key dependencies during the move. 

Service Map in New Relic APM is a complete, customizable representation of your entire application architecture and dependent services. When you pair this capability with New Relic Infrastructure, you’ll be able to inventory all your underlying instances, as well.

New Relic APM

Prioritize your migration order

To verify the cloud-readiness of your on-prem applications and servers, develop a migration priority list. This list can include the key factors that are influencing your migration, like key business metrics or which apps will benefit most from the cloud (e.g., those who may require more elasticity). 

The New Relic One Entity explorer offers a great summary of your instrumented applications which you can use to create a cloud-readiness prioritization list. The applications that get listed as high priority but aren’t deemed cloud ready can be candidates for on-prem refactoring followed by baselining and eventual migration.

New Relic APM

Prepare for your cloud adoption

Realize value and get to the cloud faster with New Relic cloud monitoring.

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